I know you can do some really crazy post-abare resets, where you can dash under them and get them in another super or karakusa.

Which of these does the most damage? The most stun? And most importantly, what is the most reliable?

I have been doing:

SAII -> dash -> late dp - > f+jab reset -> dash under-> karakusa -> etc etc…

(or after the jab reset, karakara is they catch on to the dashing under.)

Now, its 100% on anyone if it all lands, but the timing on it seems to differ from arcade to DC, and is somewhat sketchy over all… Not exactly the most reliable set up. Looking for one that is reliable, but also has good potential for stun and/or damage to warrant a reset in the first place (ie: jumping up with a LK reset after the super, in my opinion, dosent make sense when you can do a dp and jumping fp for guarnteed stun and damage).

the only problem i see with resets like that is about 70% of the people i play have a reaction to u dashing after them that they will either throw or DP. while dashing under them will cause a throw to go the wrong way, a DP crosses over along with you… i dont rely too much on them… but just for the sake of input.

after SA2>axe kick>hayate>c.strong>kara>fierce EX hayate> c.strong > either kara or a deep EX axe kick if u think they’ll throw you

thats good for some ouchies…

i like to stick to the basic stun combo’s… when im not playing SA1 because i suck ass at landint the SA2 combo…

well by all means the stun combos should be used most, but as a mix up i think the resets are invalubale.

ill have to try the one you listed.


best reset for makoto would be c.roundhouse imo
dunno if that’s what you’re asking

but fierce SAII would > hayate > c.roundhouse no problem. then you could dash in and karakusa while he’s landing on his feet.

just to clarify, im looking for resets where you can dash under them or setup for a karakara.

if you cant do that i dont think the mix up is worth the risk.

Reset into crossup Fukiage uppercut is better, imo. If it gets blocked or parried, you can go straight into an EX Tsurugi axe kick and break away.

whoa, thats dope. never thought of that.

what do you do for the initial reset though?

parry jump-in > jab , dash under cross up ^ ^.