Reseting and option selects with Zero

I don’t see a lot of reset usage among Zeros, so I want to put up a thread to get some tech discussion going on. I also want to go over some OS’s since Zero has some nice ones.

On grounded opponents, an easy and hard to see reset is just cancel any move into M Hienkyaku while calling an assist. Quick and easy cross up reset and is mostly safe if blocked or mashed out of. This is very strong with Dante-a and Akuma-b. If blocked, Zero gets further mixup options anyway.

After a full combo ending with a knockdown, you can pick 'em up with an M or H Sentsuizan. They recover in the air and you have enough time to go for some air option selects. Jump and attempt an air throw. If it misses, you get the dominant air H which will beat most options, and if you get a throw, then you get a throw. This is strong in the corner since the long range of air H and air down H can cover forward and backward air techs.

During air combos, you can reset with some of Zero’s air special moves. Canceling air M’s into any version of Hienkyaku gives you options. You can go to the ground and call an assist while going for an air throw or air H hit. You can cross up with the M version and catch backward techs with an air dash and air throw/air H. You can also use H Hienkyaku for some trickier options. If you come down with air S, and possibly H, you can catch all tech directions, but will not always result in a cross up. It is also difficult to combo after this way.

You can also cancel an air combo into Raikousen for some legit cross up resets midscreen. These are difficult to combo after however, but possible. They are also unsafe against certain characters if blocked or avoided.

Midscreen, Zero can use a TK’d Raikousen M as an option select against recovering opponents. If an opponent rolls back, the Raikousen will cross them up. If they roll forward, Zero will get a Hienkyaku M in the other direction. This is very powerful with an assist like Sentinel Drones which makes the former option very easy to combo after, and the ladder safer.

In the corner, keeping them in the corner with resets and option selects becomes incredibly strong. One of Zero’s best options selects is simply jumping and attacking with Sentsuizan M. If your opponent is in the corner, they have to deal with a high priority combo starter. If for any reason they get ouf of the corner, through ground recovery or anything else, Zero gets a Hienkyaku M in the other direction, keeping them in the corner. This is a very strong tactic and again, works very well with Sentinel assist.

You can mix a lot of these strategies together for some more super advanced stuff. Anything anyone else has, go ahead and share here.

Very nice post like always Toast, I’ll post mine in a bit.


Excellent work as always, plan to start integrating these into my game.

this might be the wrong thread for this but i was wondering what ppl thought about using zero’s sentsuin feint in to air m as an instant overhead with crouching oppenents. Its something i figured may be effective with the right assist and could pose for some really great damaging combos. It would setup something like this

c.L (dante jam session) tiger knee faint into air M

I think this would help zero to open up oponents even better and would work really well for his aggressive nature

I do this all the time. It works.

With the right assist this works pretty well but it’s really slow, so you better have some cover, otherwise people are probably going to mash out of it.

I find jump > command dash down > go low a lot more effective for messing with people’s heads and easier to apply.

I’ve been trying to incorperate the dash down into my zero but its so hard to not have that buster charged lol

Yeah that’s the one issue. Could always charge with C though =P

im thinking about switching to c because it doesnt scale damage as much, im still working on the buster shot button switching since im a pad player

I’m a pad player too. Only button I don’t charge with is M, that’s just awkward.

After pretty much any :l:-Raikousen in a combo you can reset with s.:l: and cancel into any version of Hienkyaku to go high or low or left or right…it’s pretty good… Also after sj.:m::m: Buster in the corner while falling you can shoot a level 1 buster, :m:-Hienkyaku and Air-Throw.

Zero has some amazing reset options, I just can’t ever justify using them when he could just ToD the entire cast… unless I really need to save meter for something.

Zero in Phoenix teams?

Yeah it works actually if you don’t end his combos. Zero / Dante / Phoenix was kinda good when i tried it. You can average about 600 without meter, so with resets you can kill everyone in the cast and Zero builds about 2 or so meters in a full combo and Dante can build up to 3. Only thing you don’t get is the “beat me up so I get meter” factor like Wesker / Phoenix teams.

J.623M as they’re coming in midscreen is a pretty good tool. You can choose whether to cross up or not and it leads to a full combo. Stolen from Steb.

I do this with TK’d 623H + Drones assist. Could probably work without it if you link st. L fast enough.

Yeah, you can probably link a 5l/2L or even a 5/2M after.

Could use the L Raikosen instead, still crosses up and it’s easier to combo off of (plus you can change the spacing on it to not cross up). I think most of us are running dante though so I’d just call dante and vary the timing of cross unders.

L raikousen doesn’t really work from a long distance, but is pretty useful when they’re almost in the corner.

I pretty much use the Gustaff Fire assist mixed with his teleports to play with my opponents heads, and render them unable to block. I also use X-23’s Ankle Slicer assist as an unblockable set up because her assist attacks low and I use an overhead with Zero to get the momentum going.

I like to use normal jump loop or anything that ends in l.raikousen near to the ground, and then call assist (projectile is preferred) and command dash into reset.
works quite well.