Reseting the infinite

just looking for ways to reset the infinite… what i have so far sj.hp ad/df lk lk u+hp, land, j.lp lp lk u+hp…

… ad/df (reset) u+hk (overhead), infinite
… ad/df (reset) u+hp, infinite
…dash to the other side + assist into whatever
…, sj.u+hp ad/df (reset) u.hp, land, infinite
…dash to the other side, sj ad/df u+hk, infinite

if you HP in the corner and call doom, can you combo off of it?

yes you can combo off of hp+doom. and by the way air dash resets arent worth it with iron man, they can be read because there is no reason for iron man to super jump while doing infinite, the second he does its his cue for reset. i think its best just to dash under to other side, its just faster and safer. this is in now way putting down your resets their good but readable.

ic…yeah i’m not really a IM player but i’m hella tryna get into him . so should i always just go infinite -> proton cannon (DHC if not enough) ?

hell yea its not worth it to reset unless its necessary. the cheapest IM dhc has to be sentinel hyper force. when you dhc into that the character dies guaranteed when you add in the spitxxrp. the second they die just mash tag to get IM back in and guard break and repeat.

hmmm well seeing as how i dont play much, ill let u know a couple resets

Eyo i know ppl like doing the reg infinite but me i like the sj lp,dash lp,uphp. Shit is real easy but you can reset by doing this. SJ lp,lk dash to ther side. Have to do it pretty fast. I also have some other resets but thatll come later


that sj. lp,lk reset would really only work with the sj inf in the first place, but i guess thats why you do it. otherwise alot of iron mans resets are readable thats why i wouldn’t recommend them, if you land the hit kill the character off. simple shit like just stop and do crouching short into inf again works ALOT, but then again dont try fancy resets unless youve developed a good iron man that can react to fuck ups #reload.

Its an aiite reset. works more times than not but u do have to mix it up. I rarely do the reg infinite, too easy. SJ is too nice into some crazy ass shit LOL. yo J360 i saw one of ur WM combo vids. FuCK i can only imagine how nice ur IM is. Good shit

Instead of sj.lp XX ad f->ad.lp->ad.u+hp reps…try using / \ [> XX ad f.->*slight pause *,>>slight pausead.u+hp] \ / [repeat brackets].

Basically the same thing…more or less. But it starts w/ LK, making those resets less readable.

But I also agree w/ J360…jus’ use [INF] \ /…(insert INF set-up here) or [INF] \ / dash under…(insert INF set-up here). Or…throw into assist :tup: :bgrin:.

But you really don’t have to reset unless you’re doing it on Sent…or you jus’ wanna kill’em faster :lol:.

Hope that helps.

  • Geronimo

thanks man glad to hear ya like it. and y you bein so modest i heard that your the real IM beast on that pad of yours =D

theres a bunch of resets in the ironman in depth thread :slight_smile:

Easiest and fastest one that i do personally is:

During the infinite, sj.lp, ad/d(reset), sj.lp, s.Hp, Infinite.
You can also throw off the timing to the Infinite and have it reset in combo.
It’s weird to get it to work. I usually throw off the timing to the

Try it see if it works for you.

if you got sentinel with drones a reset just for secksiness i picked up from some1 somewhere…i forget

gotta be very close or in corner, end your regular infinite with forward fp+sent-y, throw into midscreen area,, j.up+fp, infinite


heh, thats what a lot of doom users do. its very effective, too bad when i use sent i use RP a lot

doom users have no need to reset it seems like…if i remember right you can always get your otg to doom’s infinite if you end with pc in the corner with im…and if you kill with doom infinite you always get your doom f.fp gb to whatever =)

although i guess same cud b said for sent

How in hell do you do the infinite…I try and try but it never comes out…

And what does this say …Standard Unfly infinite: [lk, U+HP xx FLY,, f.U+hp xx unfly, U+hp, aduf]

Please help…

the opponent has to be suspended in to air approximately 1 to 1.5 body lengths in height. now in a conservative, speed (not slow or fast) perform a jumping lp, lp, lk, U+HP, then you land and repeat

as for:

Standard Unfly infinite: [lk, U+HP xx FLY,, f.U+hp xx unfly, U+hp, aduf]

the bracket means this is what you repeat to do the infinite. so for that one in particular, you need to sj and begin that combo.


super jump and hit the opponent with -> lk, U+HP, then FLY, lk, U+HP, then deactivate fly, U+HP, air dash up foward and repeat.

the stands for a light kick being performed in the FLYING state hence the F.
sj = sj, j = j, f = fly ex:,,

if you did not know, for the unfly infinite you must be familiar with “unfly” properties. in that case i suggest you search because its kinda tricky.