Resets? Help..

I just want to know some so i can improove my game a little.

I dont really know any at all… so just post away

Go search the threads, stop taking the easy way out and make a new one! Please to encourage people to look for things that are already out there, dont post ne resets…

Well since im such a nice guy :

cr.hp( launch) addf, (land) dash to the other side + assist of choice,…

Look for the rest payce!

hit the open button on the Dreamcast. Best reset ever


#1 down… rest to go woooh! lol

c.hp [launch] superjump sj.lp add
[the lk’s a wiff and makes u land faster]
dash to other side c.hp [launch] superjump
sj.hp addf a.hp land

you can try a cross over wit storms projectile
and try and tri-jump to the other side for a guard break
b creative and mix shit up

Some people dont listen, especially when they dont even play magnus…

good shit ray

That could possibly be the greatest reset of all time. No one will ever guess you would dash to the other side…hahahaha

here is one for you, c.hp (launch) sj.hp addf hp hp hk land sj, add lk lk+ psy hypergrab then rom for about a few reps then when your getting ready to sj back up hit with one Lk addf lk that crosses over then you can do what ever your fingers can handle. other than that its a wrap. i usually just end up doing hypergrab tempest after sj, add lk lk+ psy hypergrab it’s a faster death sentence…

here’s a trickier one.

rom… land, dash under, dash back,, xx,, rom again

I use the best reset ever…

But I’m not telling. :wink:

haha. thats what i do.

rom, sj. lk, ad d/f immediately,,land, then assist, j.hp, super.

or launch but hold up and away, ad d/f, land and launch or lk lk assist. good to use once maybe twice in a match.

launch, magic series, air dash foward and cross up, lk, lk hypergrab xx super or lk lk dhc hailstorm

this is probly the best one yet, cuz when you break the rhythm of rom someone who knows what they’re doing expect 2 things, the first is a throw the second is a reset. then if its any reset its either high to low or a dash under, so if you dash under then dash back it has a good chance to work.

my contribution: rom, land, nj. add lk (whiffs or hits doesnt matter), land behind your free to do whatever. i use hk because it can hit at a weird angle where mag and the opponent are facing the same direction, dunno if its the hitbox or what.


During ROM… after addf+lk,lk,nj,add+lk,land,lk,lk,and so on…

during ROM lk addf+lk,lk version(meaning no 2 lks at jump point just 1),add,lk,pause,land throw. This I reccommend using in corner for a bunch of possibiltys.

theres more…im just to lazy to post =/

yeah, it works most of the time too, since even if they get the chance to roll, most people roll out of that backwards because they see them fall, just they get really fucked up as to where magneto’s hitting from. epsecially if you mix it up, and make magneto cancel to slide at a different point, then he hits from the other side, ultimately fucking up their orientation as a whole in general.

a personal favorite of mine would be the throw + clops reset…

rom to corner…
land, j, adf, call clops, hp throw…

now if they don’t tech, they get reset. if they do tech, they block clops, since teching puts you in NJ mode, and they’re up soo nice and high, guard broken.

if they take the hit from clops, you should have enough time to sj, hk, and five fierce them in the corner or…

sj, hk, addf, hp, hk, land, c.lp, j.lp, lk, hp, hk, land, throw

boom, ggpo’s

if someone gets wise to that c.lp, j.lp and so on combo, after the c.lp just throw em since they arent watching for it.

this one soo did to i think potter:
character dies, new one comes out, guard break with ad.d land, hkthrow > sent proj assist, > hkthrow > sent proj assist again xx hg xx tempest> cya cyke

It looked more like only.

does anyone have the video of this? or what’s the exact way to do it?

my favorite 2 resets…c.short,laucher,sj, airdash down (quickly) whiff fierce,land, dash to other side short,short watever. second is soo’s reset, shit is fire and leaves u wit madd options it goes like this c.roundhouse, trijump roundhouse or short (otgs), dash c.jab, s.jab either sj dash d/f to other side or just dash under the rest is up to u…