Resets Match Specific?



I watch a lot of replays of top Akuma players such as Eita and Tokido. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it feels like they go for resets more against certain characters. For instance, against Bison, Tokido seems to go for resets a lot more often…

So my question is, is it a match-up specific thing and if it is, what would be the reason? Would a reset be more likely to work against certain characters and if so can you give an example? If not, is it just me?


Well resets are more effective on characters who cant punish with a reversal DP type move.


It also depends on the player too, If you know they like to reversal dp or teleport or they always backdash out you might want to just finish your combos, Also Bison doesn’t have much to do when you reset so its usually very safe


Big no no against ryu/ken/akuma imo. You can use it maybe once in a match, but an alert player will punish you badly. You can abuse the shit out of it against characters with bad reversals indeed, especially the more horizantal ones (makes them whiff their dp)

Tatsu, xx mk/hk Demon Flip palm/DK/throw can really fuck a Dhalsim up


I’ve seen Tokido use it sparingly vs Abel’s and Bison’s, against other characters not so much.


I believe Tokido does this against Bison/Abel because these two (among many others) cannot be lk.tatsu, swept. So he resets them and makes them guess his next setup and continues pressure.

Against Abel, if he resets with st.hp xx lk.flip palm he can Option Select demon if Abel rolls out; otherwise palm hits/is blocked and Abel has suffered lots of damage anyhow.

Bison’s reversals are pyshco cr or stomp? Both of which are slow and can’t stuff a df.palm. And tokido can probably df.palm OS srk and beat a psycho crusher anyway.

Against shotos, akumas are now opting with st.hp xx lk.tatsu, lp.srk for the vortex setups.


what sort of mixups are easier/better to do with a lp.srk on non sweepable characters. I’m always afraid to go into mixups against shotos because of spammy dp players. I usually just zone/footsie them to death with the occasional df kick to stuff wakeup dps.


not that a setup is easier to do, but after a lp.srk you’re guaranteed safejump timing to choose the attack you want to apply whereas you will not get safejump pressure and can be reversal’ed when finishing with hp.srk.

1:00 min mark


It’s worth noting that the demonflip dive kick is an option select. First jump will catch a tech get up, demonfip for the non-tech.


I’m sorry could you elaborate a bit more? So the spacing on a lp.srk with a fast getup still gets you in a position to safejump your opponent? Even shotos?
I’m confused. I’ve seen tokido do this before in matches but I wasn’t fully aware why.