Resets, why do I get thrown out of them

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out why I am failing to do this nifty reset that I saw Strider do to Alex Valle here:
Edit: the reset is around 40s

also this video is what made me pick abel lol

Basically it’s launcher into heavy roll to change sides, hit cancelled into heavy roll to change sides again, then launcher

I am trying it online and I get beat by people mashing standing throw when I go for the next launcher. Now my question is: what am i doing wrong? I am using the standing close HP for the hit which triggers the reset, should I be using something else? Is this something no longer possible because of changes from SSF4 to AE? Did Alex Valle just not block correctly and not attempt a throw? Is it a super tight timing to get it right?

I have tried testing it in training mode but I can’t get the dummy to throw as soon as it regains control, there is always a slight delay. Thanks for any help yall have to offer

He did xx hk roll, meaty st.hp xx cod fadc cr.hp hk roll st.lp xx lk roll meaty cr.hp

Based on that video, we can never know lol

Next time, switch on the key input display. At least you’ll know what the player was attempting (throw etc) or just not blocking the right way. example, this vid (lol shameless promotion)

Usually I’ll stop reading when I see this. but if i have to guess

thats where you got it wrong, you used hk roll instead of lk.

As HFX said, it has to be a meaty attack, ie the d+HP must be in its execution frames to beat throw.

execution frames? They call it that now?


Try to activate your normal as soon as you end your roll, that way it’s active in time to beat out throws/normals.

If you are using as AA, make sure to cancel into LK or MK roll instead of HK, since LK/MK recovers a lot faster, therefore giving you more advantage after it ends.