I use SA 1 with Q. That super only, but I don’t know of any or seen any good resets with it. I only see ones with SA 2, does Q have any good resets that include SA 1?

Thank you.

No, there aren’t any good resets with SAI. Only the first hit of the super connects off of a reset, and because resets scale the damage of any super way down, that first hit does negligible damage, so essentially it’s just a waste of a bar. SAII resets aren’t that helpful either, really. The only times I ever use them are if it’s gonna kill the opponent or if I’m facing a character that doesn’t give me any opportunities to land a super regularly.

And you shouldn’t be using SAI exclusively. SAII is a much better option against certain characters, like Ibuki, Yun, Yang, and Akuma, and I use it against Elena, Twelve, and sometimes Dudley. Against those first four characters, you’re not going to use ex moves very often since it’s hard to land c&dbs on them, what with all the time they spend in the air and the fact that their jumps and jump-in moves make successfully anti-air-ing with a c&db very rare. Since SAII does such overdrive damage and those characters have such terrible damage-taking abilities, a single SAII combo can ruin any of them. Also, because SAII still lands all of its damage if the opponent is in the air, and since those characters spend so much time in the air, using it as an anti-air or parrying a jump-in and then supering is a good idea and serves to make the opponent a little wary of constantly being in your face. Any lucky parry against those characters with a charged SAII means that 2/3-3/4 of their life is gone.

With the other characters, it’s just because of personal preference that I use SAII. Elena constantly hops around so I use it to dissuade the opponent from doing her command overhead, jumping at me, and throwing out pokes so often. Twelve I just use it because frankly neither of Q’s supers are that great against him, and if I’m gonna land a super on him, I want it to deal a lot of damage, and because he’s one of the few characters I actually sometimes use SAII resets on since it’s hard to get a good parry to super or hit confirm to super against him, and you can just reset if you knock him out of the air with whatever attack (provided you’re close enough or in the corner). With Dudley, it really depends on who’s using him and what they like to do with him. Some Dudleys play more of a ground game, in which case I’ll pick SAI, and some like to jump more, in which case I’ll pick SAII. I’ll also pick SAII sometimes if the guy picks Dudley’s SAI, so that if he messes up and I block his super, I can be a bitch and super right through it before he does the biggest uppercut part of it (worst blocked super ever). Plus his jump-in is at like the perfect angle for you to SAII him as an anti-air if he empty jumps (which you can teach him to do since your regular anti-airs actually work decently against him).