Does Alex have any resets cause I didnt see any in the strategy guide

well yes … stungun resets …

resets with a mix-up follow ups …

but alex’s resets aren’t too useful , especially on shotos

Will I’ve seen some weird resets in some vid’s like an anit-air HK, when the opponent is in the corner twice, strong, Air Knee Smash.

standing-strong XX ex-RK-smash :slight_smile:

is good for jump start up …

alex does that when the opponent thinks that you gonna do a power-bomb meaty … or a tick throw …

resets into mixup with fierce and UOH is good
i seldom does that on opponent , is hard to made a corner trap on opponent that use akuma/ken/chun often …

that ain’t a reset, yo.

resets in 3rdStrike are, by definition, hits which end the juggle sequence (or just plain hit the character out of the air) thereby causing the opposing character to “flip up.”

e.g., in the corner, Alex does c. fierce (the shoulder) and hits a jumping Ken once. since c. fierce only hit once, Alex is allowed to juggle with a myriad of moves. if Alex opts to just use twds + fierce or just a s. strong, Ken will flip out of the induced juggle state. basically, you reset him. if you opted to use s. fierce, Ken will get knocked down to the ground. that is not a reset.

Alex’s s. roundhouse (aka, HK) works the same way. away from the corner, it’ll make them fly off ala, Ryu’s Joudan kick. in the corner, if done early enough on a jumping character, you’ll have time to juggle. so yeah, the fact that you can land 2 s. roundhouses in a row means that it’s a juggle, not a reset.


I know of one reset he has and its catching an airborn opponent with Alex’s down and fierce attack in the air of course in the corner and you can standing strong them and if you time it right Stuun Gunn can catch them out of the air before they actually land. I’ve only done it a couple of times but it works and its cheap.