Resetting GP on purpose?


Is there a way to do this?

I am over 15k and in G1, and I want to do this for two reasons.

  1. It’s hard to find matches. I loved it when I was in G2 and had a ton of people to play.

  2. I want to start to main someone else, but I don’t want to put them against G1 players.

Yes, I know I can play Ranked or Player matches, but I like “leveling” up my guy. Is there a way to do this on the 360?

I remember ruining my save game by turning off the Xbox when it said “Saving” did the trick, but now points are saved server side, right?



You can reset your GP but only by creating a new xbox live account file on you HD. Which means you’ll have to unlock all the characters again or just unlock the character you want to use, if he is unlockable.

Tho I would vote nay on this becuase if your in G1 and cant find matches you should just play other G1 players on your friends list. Set up home games if you have friends that play and play well. Also you could hit up the arcade scene I’m sure Orlando has some good arcade players.

Also if you just want to train a new guy why not just rock “hardest” diff on ply v cpu and do training mode until you good with him/her. Just me 2 quarters.


WHAT? you abandoning Akuma Stoli? That’s sad. Yeah the only way to do it is make one of those free 1 month gold subscriptions you get on your xbox. I have 2 profiles in G2 outside of my G1 account to test out new stuff I’m putting into my game.


Why would you not want to put up new characters against G1 players? That’s the only way you’re going to get them to the level that your main is at. It’s not even like G1 players are even that good. All G1 means is that you play online all the freakin time. G1 people will actually block and do combos but past that they’re usually pretty scrubby unless you’re fighting someone from SRK or just someone who randomly knows what they’re doing.

I understand wanting to go back to G2 though. You get to play more people in G2 obviously and sometimes I meet up with some solid players in G2 since some of them are SRK or other offline players who don’t sit online trying to rack up GP all day. G1 is a false class of players that are really just pretty scrubby as a whole and just play online all day.


For some reason, I just think the CPU isn’t any good. He plays fine, but I rather play against someone real, that makes mistakes, or that can adjust to me.

Lord no, I would never abandon him. I actually want to get better with him by player with other players if that makes sense. I want to get good with all characters, but for me, the best way to do that is to play through G3-2 with them, get good enough playing vs. everyone else, then rinse and repeat with another character. But playing against G1 players is tough because it’s much harder to get consistent matches when compared to G3-2.

Exactly, G2 for me was by far my best experience with the game. You get solid matches, and a lot of them. G1 you have solid players that mostly know what they are doing, but it’s too far and few between. G2 was where it was at, and I want to get back there.


Either way, thanks for the advice about making a new account.


Man, I’m glad I’m not even close to getting to G-1.


aren’t you g2? how do you know how crap g1 players are?


there’s this super secret feature that just came out i think last week and it’s called replays


I fuck around with new characters every night in G1. I don’t think I’ve played my main in the last three weeks on my 360. :stuck_out_tongue: I win, big wank. I lose, well, wank!

I would strongly advice just swapping to the new character and playing the G1’s. Even the guys dipping below 15000 are better moving targets than G2. Online is not serious enough to go to such extreme lengths. Save the video game stress for real life events. That is, if you really want video games to be stressful. :party:

Added bonus: oh yeah, G1 has better quality players (but it is still janky as online). If you want to practice new shit, play with the higher quality pool. You are only leveling up your ego by actively hunting out the lower quality players.

You’re now 2cents richer.


Seth basically says theres no way.


lol …
So basicly each time you fight a bad player it’s a scrubs.

A scrubs for me it’s someone that think like this

  • I don’t care if i lose it’s just a video game.

A non scrubs that lose think like this

-What i did wrong?What i need to improve? Why he defeated me?

And finnaly a Noob think like this

  • ROFL … You suck!!!

And finnaly a pro think like this


I wanna go back to G2 too, Im pretty good with Abel but as soon as I got to G1 (last night) I only win 1 out of 10 games, its really bad :frowning:

I know I should stick with it, but playing for half hour at FULL concentration just drains me


how can u make new acc on pc version? :o


Yeah, I wish there was a way to do this as well. I’m not in G1 yet but lack of people to play with sucks. The bigger part is like the OP said, leveling up. I main Guile and even though more practice will make me better I pretty much know 99% of what he can do and when I face another Guile I know what to expect. By learning what other characters can do and what moves make them vulnerable you learn how to play against them in a fun and efficient way I believe. I would like to switch to another char and “level up” and learn all of their little nuances and such as other countries of south Africa.


Maybe I play during peak hours but I’m surprised at this “there’s no one playing in G1” talk even now. I don’t have a problem getting challengers when I turn on arcade mode. Usually I get a challenger before I beat 1-2 CPU players.


hmm, i don’t know man, i see much better players in G1 than I did in G2.

especially after playing on PC this past month or so, the G2 on there is a joke. My win % is about 90% on PC and quite a bit of my losses were from lag matches. granted, I just think the competition on PC is just not there at all.

but i’ve been back on live the past week and doing some championship matches and I’ve ran into quite a bit of decent players in G1, definitely higher caliber than the G2 i was seeing on PC. but yes sometimes finding the later matches in G1 can be tough and take a minute or 2 to get something going.

the overall skill and knowledge of the people in G1 seem to be a lot better than G2 however. but yea, obviously you will run into some scrubs still.


^ G2 was a breeze on PC (given the token SRKers in that pool)

it’s just unfortunate that G1 is a fuckin ghost town on the PC ver. there’s what… roughly under 200 people in G1 so far ;[


Wow, 200 already? when i made G1 on PC there were about 30 people in it =)


I feel bad for the ACTUAL g2 people on XBL. I have played numerous people with 2000 GP who are obviously G1 people trying other characters or just raping people for the hell of it.