Resident Evil 1.5 fan Rebuild looking at a possible holiday release?


Let’s begin with a summary of just what Resident Evil 1.5 is for those unaware.

Resident Evil 1.5 was the original build of what we know as Resident Evil 2 today. The game featured new mechanics, new enemies, and new characters that were not included in Resident Evil 2. The project was scrapped by Capcom at 60 - 80% completion because it was “Too dull and boring.”

Some of the major differences was the inclusion of a different female protagonist. While the iconic male protagonist, Leon Kennedy is still present, instead of Claire Redfield, a different character, Elza Walker was introduced as a college student living in Raccoon City and returns from a holiday out of town to the city in ruins and full of the Undead.

The Raccoon City Police Department was drastically different from the one we’ve come to know. Instead of the Art Museum turned Law Enforcement Facility, the Police Department was very modern in design and reflected the typical PD of the times.

Lastly, supporting characters such as Sherry Birkin, Ada Wong, Marvin Branagh, and Police Chief Brian Irons served a bigger purpose in aiding the protagonists in their escape from the city.

Now, what does this have to do with anything?

A while back, a small, private modding community was able to get their hands on a build of Resident Evil 1.5 that was show by Playstation Museum that was only 40% complete. With the combined efforts of various Resident Evil information sites and their excellent modding skills, this community has been working diligently to rebuild Resident Evil 1.5 and make it a full game, while remaining as faithful to the original concept and story as possible. They’ve even gone so far as to make full translations in several different languages.

Over the last year, they’ve uploaded videos and posted screenshots of their work, showing their ability to create brand new pre-rendered areas that blend in with the already completed areas seamlessly. While they don’t open up very much about their work, they have given some information through their various videos.

As of this Halloween, they uploaded a video of brand new gameplay and areas created by themselves and hinted at an announcement this holiday season. Word is that they’re nearing the completion of their project and a release around the corner. A release date will be set this Christmas Day. Could we finally be seeing the release of the long sought-after Resident Evil 1.5?

Below are videos of the original build of the game, and the rebuilt fan version of the game, along with some nifty screenshots.


So, who’s excited to see this gem finally brought to life?


Zombie gorilla’s are hype.


I always thought 1.5 would be fun to play even if it’s not canon. Same goes for 3.5, someone get one that!
Also, Elza reminds me a lot of Shizuku from Tonari no kaibutsu-kun.


Just watch Capcom issue cease-and-desist when its at 99% complete, just like Square did to Chrono Resurrection.


^ or that Streets of Rage remake and SEGA


One step they’re taking to prevent this is by not having any real way to contact them. They’re a private operation, and most information is spread word of mouth. The only thing they’re tied to is that youtube account.


leon killed Resident Evil


At least Sega waited until after release, so some people were able to get it.


R.I.P. RE movies…


On a Resident Evil related note, the Game Boy Color version of the original Resident Evil was released on the internet earlier this year. The handheld port was scrapped at 90% completion because of its poor quality. Two versions have been released. The first being the nearly finished product with both Jill and Chris’ scenarios fully playable, but lacks an ending. The second is a much earlier version that only features Chris’ scenario and is plagued with bugs and glitches.

In order to play the nearly finished version to its end, a patch must be applied to the rom to fix errors in the coding that prevented progress in certain points of the game.

Check out some screens.


Brand new video released showing the team’s ability to create and modify pre-rendered backgrounds.


Also, to clarify the release date. They’re not planning a Christmas release date, but rather they are setting a release date on Christmas Day. Will update OP.


Milla Jovovich killed it.


Gaming press killed Resident Evil by overhypng it in the first place. It became less zombies and less horror and more gasmask guys 'n cool hair guys

Judging by the constant “nude Chris Redfield and Wesker” results from searching fan art, I think i’ve seen everything about why it’s popular.

When RE came out, I had already played Alone in the Dark, so I never saw what the “big deal” was.


Remember when you had to run and gun enemies in Resident Evil lolololol.

This is gonna be awesome. They should make a PS2 version to go alongside the PC version. Or whatever system I’m assuming PC.


Does anybody have an idea of what the game’s story is like? What I mean by that is how do you go about picking your character? Are picking either Leon’s story or Elza’s story in a fashion similar to RE1, 2 discs featuring Leon A/Elza A and Leon B/Elza B, or one storyline like RE3?


Eh, who knows really.

For all intensive purposes, we can consider this a new Resident Evil game that is a throwback to the old style. And if it becomes popular enough, maybe Capcom will take notice.

J/K. Modders could make a reboot of RE2 with PS3 graphics and Capcom wouldnt give two shits.


heres to hoping 3.5 sees the light of day


Your character picks are like they are in RE2 and I’m not sure there was a second scenario for each character, although there’s a possibility there might be, no one knows. It is known that unlike RE2, the two characters do not cross paths in each other’s story.


That game already exists. Resident Evil Revelations


If you mean the RE 3.5 with the hook hand man, don’t bet on it. Everything that was shown in that version was basically programmed to be that way and didn’t extend past any of the rooms that it had shown. It was basically like watching a movie of that version. Some of the rooms and various little things were REused in RE4.