Resident Evil 1.5 (Prototype) Released!


After 15 years of waiting, this game has finally been released by the kickass team that is looking to restore the game to a playable state. While this is only a very buggy prototype, you can still play it on an original ps1, or ps1 emulator to see what could have been the well known Resident Evil 2.<br><br>Here is an excerpt from the spokesperson who released this ISO.<br><br>[details=Spoiler]This here is an ISO of our work in progress build of the Resident Evil
1.5 restoration project. It is not representative of the current state
of development of the non-profit restoration fan-project. For updates on
that, please see the bottom of the file for suggested locations to
monitor things or visit the YouTube channel <a href=“” target="_blank"></a><br>
As stated in our open letter on the 17th of February 2013, posted on the
fansite The Horror Is Alive via our only true, public spokesperson, we
regretfully learned that a Joel Welsh, aka. Colvin, tried to profit from
his acquisition of this very build by shopping it around to several
members of the Resident Evil community. This we learned from several
alarming chatlogs and sales offers forwarded to us by worried and
concerned parties and friends of the team who’d either been directly
contacted by Colvin, or knew people who had been. As with the situation
where leaked media from our project appeared online in the summer of
2012, followed by a small wave of people attempting to scam people into
giving them money in exchange for what they believed was 1.5 or more
information on the project, we quickly investigated this situation and
found our signature watermarks all over both the media Colvin had
presented in public, the media he was shopping around to people, and the
terminology he used to describe certain things pertaining the build
he’d obtained.<br>
People attempting to profit on our non-profit efforts, and both our
personal and monitary investments is something we cannot stand for and
is something we feel greatly taints the Resident Evil community, the
prototype community, the archival and preservation of video game
history, the integrity and face value of people, and our goal and
intentions for this here restoration project. While we cannot speak on
behalf of Capcom, we do believe that charging money for illegal and
unsanctioned duplication of their data is something that should be
frowned upon and avoided at all costs. So our plead to you is; if you
paid for this here build of Resident Evil 1.5, you’ve been cheated and
should demand your money back and/or file a fraud report via the service
you used to complete you monetary transaction.<br>
It was a tough decision to make, due to the uncertainty of what lies
ahead in terms of releasing this build, but we ultimately decided to
make a proper compile of the build Colvin has been shopping around, wrap
it up so it can run in normal emulators and on real hardware, and
release it to the public - to avoid further misuse and misrepresentation
of its content.<br>
The build you now have downloaded is a bit of an unstable mess. The
instability mainly comes from a tiny experiment we were running on this
very build and the build itself had the joke name “Magic Zombie Door”.
It’s an old build and in no way representative of the current state of
missing room implementation, restoration of broken elements, or addition
of new content.<br>
Many of the features you see in the build, as explained in our making of
videos, comes from injecting pieces of C code that adds features and
functionality that was broken, missing, or otherwise needed. There’s a
terrible bug we internally called “Air Jesus” present in this build, a
legacy issue from the vanilla build, where inspecting objects will often
cause … undesirable results. This bug has since been fixed, but is
currently present in this build. While, technically, the load feature
works, the save feature’s brokenness makes it pretty useless. These are
also features that’re fixed and will be working in the final release.
There are also many stability issues that causes the game to crash or
otherwise misbehave, most of these have since been fixed too. So unless
there’s a very Konami Code-esque approach to how you trigger a
randomized and reproducable bug, please don’t lose your breath
attempting to report bugs to us. <br>
For more information on the project, general updates on the news and
progress, or general discussion, we recommend either following the drama
in the megathread on The Horror Is Alive, the news compilation thread
on Bioflames, or the news and video stream on <a href=“” target="_blank"></a><br>
Should you wish to contact us, for purposes such as helping us with
additional content that may benefit this restoration project, show your
support, or other matters that may be of interest or value to us; you
may reach us through Mr. Robert Zork’s e-mail at bob.zork [at] Keep in mind that we have our own lives and other priorities
to attend to, but we will always do our best to answer serious and
worthwhile inquires and we appreciate all the love and support this
project has received, although we never asked for this and originally
intended to catch the world by surprise when we revealed end result.<br>
Resident Evil and the Biohazard are property of Capcom. The project is
an unofficial fan-effort, entirely non-profit, comparative to such other
fan efforts as Street Fighter x Megaman, Megaman X Corrupted, Dark
Biohazard, various modifications to other Resident Evil titles, and so
forth. All with purpose and intents of a non-profit nature, and rooted
entirely within what most would consider fair use and the healthier side
of fandom - aimed exclusively at providing fellow fans with a glimpse
into a world that once could’ve been and to enable them to revisit the
world of Survival Horror once more in the way only the 90s could, whilst
at the same time showing our own love and support to a franchise,
platform, and decade we hold dear.[/details]<br><br>Download link<br><br>[details=Spoiler][/details]<br>