Resident evil 4 scores thread cont

eh yall already posted this same thread in general discussion, but i feel that it needs to be in “other games” section…(im a dumb ass :xeye: )
anyways, im mainly lookin for “mercenaries” scores and kills (the mini game after you beat the real game) post them up and tell me some strategy for gettin those high scores playas! :devil:

just pick wesker download this 3rd video to see why…

i’ll post some more shiz but check out the other thread it has good stuff post any question u have, but read my first post in the other thread it’s a general tactics expose!!

YES, WESKER IS THE SHIT. i unlocked everybody and so far wesker is d best to me…eh, you got a nice thread goin…let everybody know to post their scores and comments ova here too! i wanna talk strategy wit ya, but im busy wit college and shit so i’ll do it later. peace man

coo man just post up any questions you have what did u think of my post in the other thread. there are some level specific things in the other thread, but i feel confident i can answer any questions u have.

My high scores are pretty good esp on castle i’ve got 243k with wesker.
200+kills in a row woot woot!!

Damn dawg…its that serious? i guess i gotta put down the marvel and get to practicing! whuts your secret on gettin that many kills in a row?

basically it’s all consistency. like u have to have such good aim with the sniper, use grenades properly, u have to map out a run through on each level as well u can’t just randomly do shit, and figure out glitches that make enemies keep coming. this is the whole sha bang a bang pretty much, wesker kills so fast sometimes u might have to slow down so u don’t lose the combo, cause in b/w kills u have like 11 seconds or so to kill some one else to keep it going.
u can see those glitches in the wesker full potential video i posted up and also it’s just playing, and playing alot.
this has hurt my fighting game shiz alot lol!!

read the other thread too. it is really good.

in that wesker video the guy gets 235 kills in a row, he only misses 7 shots total in his whole run through of the level. That is why accuracy is so key!!

Fix up the link, I want to see this vid…

wesker combo video:)

oh yeah that ones dead my bad here is the other link to it

all these vids underneath are found thanks to gen2000!!!

Quoting gen2000:
Some more 6 digit Merc Vids from player “Loraz86”: I haven’t watched them myself but from what I hear they aren’t as good as the Wesker vid (but nothing is really) but variety is nice and all that. Some of the earlier links may be dead but when I found the videos was down so…yeah.

Ada-Village-149,790 (My highest with Ada on Village is 169,200)…;/fileinfo.html
Hunk-Village-149,050 (My highest with Hunk on Village is 163,050)…;/fileinfo.html
Krauser-Village-166,520 (This is my highest Krauser on Village)…;/fileinfo.html
Leon-Village-103,160 (My highest with Leon on Village is 143,440)
Hunk-Castle-139,830 (This is my highest Hunk on Village) (Same video as yesterday, File Front upload didn’t work for this video)

Here are my new Military videos I made earlier.…;/fileinfo.html

Military and Waterworld are my worst levels >_<

Here are the videos I did earlier today.…;/fileinfo.html

These are all new highscores for these characters/levels.…;/fileinfo.html

A slightly better video I did with Ada on the Military level earlier. Didn’t have time to get any other videos.

Sdouble, I’m still getting file errors?

I think you need to post the links up the long-winded way (ie: using the URL). All the links you posted have … in because they’re too long, if you see what I mean (which is why the Hunk link still works, because it’s quite short). I think you need to use the URL thing to get around the problem.

Either that or my computer is being an ass.

Yea dawg…im gettin errors too. i wanna see these as well. whatya mean by glitches sdouble?

those videos were originally posted by gen2000 i’ve never gotten any of but like one hunk one on village, so i don’t know what the problem is yall should pm him and tell him about this thread. he was pretty active in the other one! i hope yall get the other video that is at the top that guy gets 235 kills in a row and gets 275k in points. RIDICULOUS!!

okay on glitches. like on the the castle video(did that link work?)
u see him constantly running to the same places over and over again? Like he goes down the stairs a few steps in the beginning over and over again to make 2 guys show up again so he can extend the combos. it’s just certain places in the game that have em. it helps so much. the castle has the most glitches and enemies that’s why it’s the easiest to beast on!!

those videos posted up by gen i’ve beaten all those scores,but from watching them u will learn new tactics and ways to extend your combos.
glitches have helped me and just playing to learn so u can map out a run through. this will save u time and ammo.

Time is really a key factor because u can have good aim and all that but if u dont’ have alot of time to do it, it doesn’t matter. that is what makes that wesker video so good that guy does what he wants to do, when he wants to do it and that is what lets u get 200 kills in a row. that’s how i got my 240k score!! sorry for saying this again but i’m just so happy lol!!! yes i’m a nerd!! :slight_smile:

Ooooh, ok. i did that wit wesker and ada at the castle, but what about time? i cant kill that many in a row! i’ll try to get that video again…

sorry i’ve been absent lately. let’s get the hype up maybe the ps2 users can now get on mercenaries since re4 is coming out for it. let’s go.

My best score is with Krauser, 167,000 on castle. Does this mean I suck? Seriously, I want to watch those.

no u don’t suck it’s hard as shit to figure everything out with out watching those vids, those links are down possibly i don’t know. read what i said about glitches and exploit them, u also have to manage ur ammo and grenades greatly. go to the original thread in general discussion there is a link earlier in this thread there is goos stuff in there. i break down the basics of the game in my first post in that thread. check it out dood!