Resident Evil 6


Hope they get the gameplay closer to 4, and the atmosphere and quality of story closer to 2 or Code Veronica.

most likely going to be a hot mess…


Leon + Chris in the same game = Broken.


Bring it on!!!



I’m digging that the game is going back to the modern day city survival scenario.

4 and 5 both had some fun moments, but they just didn’t compare to the atmosphere of being in a full blown modern city when everything went to hell.

Also, Chris and Leon in the same game will be GODLIKE.


Day 1


Needs more Barry Burton or Rebecca Chambers.


even tho chris and leon might be in the same game, im worried thy will never even meet lol


Looks pretty awesome. Hopefully it’ll have more of a survival theme than 5. Judging by the looks of it probably not, but nevertheless it looks fun.


I wonder if they got something new to infect people with.


well it definitely is going to continue in the vein of “action horror” instead of survival horror, but I’m generally ok with that so long as the game is good (see resident evil 4).

im not thrilled about that brief segment where it showed chris using an assault rifle against what looked like humans wearing body armor… but if the leon side of the game focuses more on horror and less on crazy gunbattles then it should be a nice balance.

interesting that long time fans in places are outraged that the game will continue to be action oriented, while people who don’t play resident evil are worried the game will make you stop running around in order to aim. no matter what capcom does, people will be pissy.


So why is Ashley with Alex Wesker?
Is Chris so mopey because he got Sheeva killed


Game looks like it will be amazing

The real question is, where is the man with the glasses.

edit: it looks like they are trying to mix old school with new. Leon dealing with the old school slow zombies and chris the new school stuff.


They need to strike a balance between action and survival horror. More RE4, less RE5. We shall see


Leon did not age well.

He’s got 'dat Mark Hamill effect going on, full-blast.

Like, T-Virus: “Leeeeeoooon I am your father”, bad.


I’m excited. Chris!!


I hope it’s not as boring as RE5.


Looks awesome


Chris…again? Meh. Game looks exciting so far though. Can’t wait to see more gameplay.




For real. What?