Resident Evil Comics

I was digging through my stuff before moving out to Indiana and I happened to find two of my old comics from Resident Evil. These were produced by Wildstorm but after checking around a bit, I couldn’t find anything. I’m not talking about the Chinese dubbed Code Veronica that came out in more of a graphic novel style. These were much like an over-sized magazine, like a Rolling-Stone for size comparison.

Anyone got any info?

I have the first one with the Jim Lee cover. The interior artwork isn’t that good by comparison since that was done by another artist. Nothing special, side stories like people sitting around and talking about the events of the first game, things like that.

Wildstorm recently picked up the rights once again for creating Resident Evil comics and Devil May Cry as well. Hopefully both of them will be better than previous American comic book efforts for both of these franchises.

A Hunk mini-series would be fucking sick.