Resistance: Fall Of Man Online

Other thread got deleted :sweat:.

So anyone play?

Pack up your PS3 in the bag, fold up the controls, connectors, put the manual back inside the box. Fuel up the rocket ship, and send it back to outer space. Wait about a year before great titles come out.

I’m sure you’re a scrub or have never played the game.

Aliens vs world war II, yea what kind of fucking games are you playing fucking retard.

Yeah its not like this is THE game that made the launch of the PS3…worthwhile…

I rented the game from Blockbuster, and for some reason I only get Japanese servers. lol

I don’t know if your PS3’s region has anything to do with server location (my PS3 is Japanese). That or I wasn’t using my North American PSN ID. =x

I dont remember exactly, but I think its based on PS3’s region, but I thought you could change that somehow.

May 18th update puts up the International Server. Japs invasion is gonna be unstoppable. Americans can’t match up to them.

I’m more worried about the pwning players from Nicaragua.

I love playing the Japanese, they don’t like that one hit kill bullshit and they like one of the most underrated multiplayer maps, that being the 40p Grimsby map.

It’s so cool to say konichiwa, Ohio, sotelay, takemo shogonikodone, baka and hear them respond to me. :rofl:

The Brits are nice but it’s sometimes hard for me to understand what they’re saying when they speak fast.

I also love the new maps, both of them are frickin’ huge and Westmorland is truly a sniper’s paradise.