Resistance RFOM On-Line

I’ve been playing it quite a bit…anyone here good at it?

I fucking get my ass shot at all the damn time, but I’m fairly decent.

Oh yeah, one hit kill games are the sux0rz, or whatever.

I just play the ranked games. No 1 hit kills there.

Yeah, same here, along with that unranked Grimsby game that’s been going on forever from Japan.

All of my FPS time has gone to CoD4, though.

I’m pretty decent at the game, I haven’t played it in a while though. I usually end up in the top 3 spots, when I play.

Also I love that Unranked Grimsby game, got 1st in that a few times when I try, it’s a lot better at night time (for obvious reasons).

A lot of good Japanese players, play in it. I hate the one hit, and the custom games, so if I do play it’s probably only ranked, and that unranked Grimsby game.

i used to play it a lot and was pretty good at it, i will always get at least top 5 in every game but i stoped though. supposely ROFM 2 suppose to come out in November this year so i will probably play it again.

I was ranked in the top 10 in the summer or 2007. I was in the best clan but that clan disbanded so now I am in a fairly good clan but still not the best. Have any of you heard of Pro $kill$?

The arc charger is the only cool weapon in this game. Everything else is cheap…

-Carbine (n00b tube)
-Bullseye (tag, enough said)
-Auger (too pussy to kill someone you can see)
-LAARK (no comment)
-Far Eye (how much different is it from other FPSs?)
-Shotgun (no skill)

But the arc charger has a good learning curve and it’s sweet to be able to pull off multiple kills once you get used to it.

Edit* Arc charger was good prepatch. Now they just made it an electronic shotgun.

i havent played in forever i remeber the carbine being one of the hardest guns to use
arc charger was always good in my opinion only gun i choosed besides arc was the flame thrower how is that gun now?

Oh yeah, The Dragon…

Holding L1 and releasing for an instant kill FTW! lawlz…

Actually, the only 1 hit kill game I like is the shotgun only one in the Bus Yard. Very fun.

Holding L1 with the Dragon only instant kills chimera, not humans.

Sometimes humans, but it has to be super direct hit.

Forgive me for the late bump and the like.

I picked this game up again after a few months and finally started going online. I’d like a buddy or two to play with. I’m not good at all, so I’m great for an ego boost haha. I’m really just out for the fun, because of all of the FPSes out there, this is not serious business.

So yeah… bump. :shy: