Resize Request

hey guys my first post on this forum… seeing if anyones bored and wants to do a little somethin something…

THIS is the image i want on my arcade stick! but it looks like crap if its zoomed in, and i have no idea how to resize an image with keeping the same quality… if anyone would do this itd be greatly appreciated…

the guy whos doing my stick says it should be 170-300 dpi, higher the better… thanks to any and all takers!

bump :frowning:

… you need to post dimensions …

i was told the stick will be 11.5" x 7.5"

not sure what that translates to res wise :smiley:

its not doable

maybe not that exact way its made but if modified a bit? i dono… or something new along those lines and that style?


Sorry dude, unless someone traces over it with the pen tool you’re out of luck.