resize request.

could i get this resized for premium…please

I have nothing better to do at this time so how’s this?

Be sure to save it and upload it because i’ll be deleting it within a day or so :o

could i get some stuff in the background,so it wont look completely boring.

Ah, i’ll see what I can do. Any colors you like in particular?

black, purple, pink, lime green, lol, horrible choice but i like.

I kinda went off the wall with it, I can change it up if ya want.

it’s all good. the way you make it is the way i’ll take it. thanks for your time, repped you earlier.

Cool, thanks. Glad you like it.

I dont want to make another thread, so could i get this resized as well? its for my profile picture.

seems a little cut off at the bottom.

Hey Buttermaker, can you take a look at my request too, trying to get my Avatar resized for Prem.

Oh wow! It’s been years since I saw the Buddy Holly Samurai movie. Do you by chance know the name of that movie?

It’s called Six String Samurai.:lovin:

^Sweet! Thanks man, I’m so ordering it from Amazon.

cool, it’s my favorite movie. so corny and weird.:rofl:

bought off of ebay, it’s real cheap.