Resizing and printing help?

So say I want to print out an art to replace the Hori EX2 one and I have the following:

7000x5000 600DPI Template PSD
4000x2000 300DPI Artwork tif

How can I:

  • Resize so that the artwork fits on the template
  • Print it out so that it would be the exact size to fit the stick?

Cookie for those who actually help. Assume PSCS2/3

think 600DPI on the template is a bit overkill, lowering that to 300DPI should work

That’s not the problem though, the size difference is.

Never printed anything out from Kinkos before, or anywhere for that matter so…

Just bring it in to Kinko’s and explain what you’re trying to do. They should know all about this stuff and be able to take care of it for you. Otherwise, load it up into Photoshop.

1 - Open Hori EX2 template, increase/reduce the resolution to match your art (or just use 300)
2 - Paste your art in
3 - Rearrange art and hide layout if desired (mistakes will look less obvious with the layout hidden)
4 - Save to flash drive, take it to Kinko’s
5 - Tell them to not stretch it to fit and just print at your resolution on the smallest piece of paper that will fit (if you don’t tell them, they will stretch it or print it at 100dpi and it will come out terribly wrong)
6 - Get lamilabel if you need it (you probably do unless you got plexi for your Hori EX2), good luck applying it perfectly to your panel

Thanks for your awesome post.

Using this:

If I have an image that’s 2500x1373 @ 200DPI, according to that, the size will be 12.5x6.87, that’s going to be the physical size of the print right?

What can I do so that I can print the layout ONTOP of the image so that it comes out the exact size I need to pit on the EX2? Say I have the button/stick holes layer on top of the image, what do I need to do to ensure that when printed out, that layer is the exact needed size? (I’m guessing resizing the template does not = perfect size.)