Resizing request

Sorry to waste your time, but I suck at animations.

I currently have 2 pictures I’m very interested in getting resized. Is it possible to remove waste blank areas?

Thanks in advance =)

I’m not sure about the blank space you are referring to but what size do you want them?

Highlight the pictures and see all the extra space that the animation doesn’t come in contact with.

^^I gotcha.

I’m not sure but you should be able to do that in Image Ready. Not sure if anyone is going to do that for you. Good luck though.

The extra space in the original gif is for the space needed to view the entire animation. You can change that by moving the sprites in the layers and changing the canvas size. But you can only cut the space a little bit before it starts to look out of scale.

I would really appreciate resizing them to the maximum size of avatars allowed at this forum.

Thanks in advance