Resoldering stock Madcatz TE usb onto Turbo Panel


Hey guys I was going to remove my brook board out of one of my Madcatz TE and just make it back into a PS3 stick but noticed that where I cut the USB from the turbo panel there are 5 wires instead of the 4 I am seeing from the stock USB. Am I missing something here?


The 5th wire is the shield ground. There are two grounds. The pins for the soldered USB connector (whether you’re using a presoldered board with a JST USB cable like the Qanba cable, or soldered wires like the hotglued madcatz USB cables that don’t have the JST connector), only have one ground on the UFB. The shield ground is not connected.

I don’t know which ground wire goes where on the madcatz, or even if it matters. I still have no idea why madcatz cheaped out and used hot glue instead of a proper JST connector. I guess they REALLY didn’t want people to mod stuff…


Do both grounds need to be connected for the stick to function correctly? I’m still new to soldering so this is the first time I’m seeing anything related to a shield ground. I guess I can just wing it and try to solder the other 4 and see if it works.


Not really Illya, you don’t need to solder the shield ground.


Awesome! Good to know, thanks Shiki.