Resolved - Ipad/Iphone/Safari Problems


Yes we are aware of the problems, we are currently looking for a solution.

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SRK and Safari compatibility issues?
I can't seem to read threads normally o_0

I also ran into the same issues on Android. I tried viewing SRK on my Android phone (Nexus S) and on a Android tablet (ASUS Eee Pad Transformer) and the browser locks up. I haven’t tried viewing SRK on a BB phone or tablet or a WP7 phone to see if their browsers also run into the same issues though.

Otherwise I really like the new forum layout. Good stuff, Wiz.


Hey, i’m viewing this in Safari and no doubt have one of the issues you know about, each post reply gets indented indefinitely.

This is caused by a missing


tag just before the start of the next list element that surrounds the next users post. I have tested this fix in safari with the web developer tools and it does indeed fix that issue. I’m guessing other browsers are being lenient and auto-fixing the missing tag, where as Safari is behaving more “strict”.

Hopefully you can apply this fix to your template asap.

Thanks! :slight_smile:



Your solution may get more attention if you edit it so that the text is readable without the need to highlight it.


Hmm… i was using the SRK Dark theme and it must automatically set my post txt as white? That’s annoying. Thanks for pointing that out. :slight_smile:


Locks up my Thunderbolt (HTC) and my friend’s Droid X as well. This problem doesn’t begin and end with Apple and Safari. I’ve tried this forum on multiple browsers (Default, Firefox, Dolphin, etc). It is a result of any thread with more than 3 or 4 responses in it on the page (because the replies right justify and get smaller in width post by post)

New layout is great, but the forum is basically unusable if I’m not home.


I also tried changing the browser’s user agent on my Android phone and iPad (used the Maven browser and some other one) to “desktop” and they still lock up.


using Opera mini browser on the iPhone works fine. It’s the workaround I’ve been using since this safari compatibility issue arose.


Android’s browser is built on Safari’s Webkit, so not much of a surprise it share’s the issues. (So does Google Chrome, but it’s not affected as it seems the list elements are overriding the missing div tag)



thanks captain hook!


Glad to help. :slight_smile:


im not quite sure what the fix is, can it be elaborated please?


Safari and some other webkit based browsers were rendering threads with each post indented recursively to the point posts further down would become unreadable. I think it was also causing the browser to stall (or just plain crash for some). Both issues are now fixed for me. :slight_smile:


Is this fixed for Andriods as well?


So far no problems on my Android phone (Nexus S on 2.3.4).

Should be fine considering the browser is webkit-based like what CaptainHook said. WebOS and BB also use webkit.


Boss, I’m unable to scroll up and down on the forums. I’m using a kindle fire hdx. I thought my tablet was the problem, but every other site works. I came across this problem last night…