RESOLVED: Joytokey Problem

Hey, I’m trying to get my USB Joystick working through Joytokey, but the POV hat directionals just refuse to get mapped to my keyboard for some reason. The configuration shows that it’s mapped, but whenever I try to check it in Notepad, the joystick directionals do nothing. Buttons work fine though. Has anyone else experienced this problem, or know a solution to it? I’m running the latest version of Joytokey in Windows 7 btw if that helps.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve used JoytoKey for years and love it, never had a real big problem with it. That said, I know that doesn’t help you lol. I would try and troubleshoot with you but since your using Win7 it would be pointless lol. So try Let me know if that helps u.

joytokey doesn’t like pov hat controls. It’s pretty much its only weakness.

xpadder is not free for win7.What stick do u have?

There’s an option to turn it on, i forgot where, but if you dig around you can find it.

Thanks FunkyP, you were right. I had to look in the “Other” tab, which was kinda misleading to me, since I thought all the settings for my actual joystick would be in the tab blatently labeled “Joystick”. Anywaysss thanks SRK for the help!