Respect to Dante players :( Need help

Im having so much trouble with the combo’s…and they are meant to be BnB!!! Im making progress but there are a few things im just finding impossible to pull off.

Standard Midscreen Bnb:
J.H>5MH>6H>Bold Cancel>Volcano>J.H>Air Play>J.H>5H>5S>Prop Shredder>228S>Hammer>Volcano Beehive>44S~H~6H>Bold Cancel>Teleport>J.236H>Acid Rain>Volcano>J.S>Volcano>Beehive>Million Dollars

I can never get the teleport to go quick enough anyone know why?

Standard Corner BnB:
5LMH>Stinger>Bold Cancel Volcano >J.H >Airplay >J.H>44M>S~H~S>2369L236L>S>J.S>Volcano Beehive>44S~H~6H>Bold Cancel>J.236H>623MM>6H>BC>Jet Stream>Fireworks>Million Dollars

I can NEVER connect the backdash H. It just doesnt seem to connect no matter how late I leave the j.H after AirPlay.

To answer your question about the BC Teleport, you probably just have to get used to the timing after the stinger. Practice the BC Teleport by doing this: j.S xx Cold Shower(2 or 3 shots) xx Stinger xx Bold Cancel xx Air Trick j.S.

To answer your other question, you probably need to do the s.S xx Clay Pigeon xx Prop Shredder a little more faster. If that doesn’t help, this new BnB should never fail you: (in corner) s.L s.M s.H xx Stinger xx Bold Cancel xx Volcano j.H xx Killer Bee, s.S xx Clay Pigeon xx Prop Shredder xx Air Trick xx The Hammer, Cold Shower(2 or 3 shots) xx Stinger xx Bold Cancel xx Sky Dance (if it whiffs, do Acid Rain xx Volcano j.S, Volcano-Beehive xx Million Dollars. If all hits connect, continue with this.) xx Beehive, Stinger xx Bold Cancel xx Jet Stream-Fireworks xx Million Dollars.

If you get a Hammer off of anyone that is already in the corner, proceed from Volcano j.H xx Killer Bee. I hope this helps.