Respecting an opponent

?I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me… All I ask is that you respect me as a human being" - Jackie Robinson

Whatever happened to respecting an opponent?

Whenever I play almost any fighting game (ssf4, 3s, bbcs, T6) win or lose 75% (most of it online and some taking place offline) of the time the opponent who I?m playing against always has to be very disrespectful which to elaborate on before, after and even during the match they get on the mic or message me with the classic ?you?re a B%$&@? or some homosexual comment or ?F$%& your momma!? and then I most of the time I?ll respond by saying why, or would like to rematch because I would really like to know or least play again. Even more after playing a good opponent and I win I?ll tell them good game and I would enjoy a rematch because if I play a good opponent I want to play them again. And still get some sort of disrespectful F.U. which just makes me just wondering why? Even watching player matches as a spectator I still witness this sort of bad mouthing of opponents. And now with the introduction of psn, xbox live, YouTube, ggpo and in the during the years its more prominent than ever before for example playing online xbox live as a player and a spectator just bad mouthing each other for almost no apparent reason than just adding fuel to the fire I just want to say ?why you doing this?? ?Were here to play not to be here annoying each in a shouting match? or playing ggpo the moment you play 3s with a low tier characters prepare to be called a *** in the chat room for playing necro, I just want to say let the guy play necro if he loses, he loses don?t hate the man for trying and if he?s good then more power to the man but just don?t disrespect the man for playing. Even when explaining myself to people online and offline about how I respect and honor my opponent when playing before, after, and during a match they say ?haha chivalry is dead?. If he?s not going to respect you why should you respect him?? I reply ?Why not?? If a player beats me to the ground and still give out hate about it well sorry you feel that way but I enjoyed our match and tell them ?I’ll learn from my defeats, when you want to go a few rounds let me know, because I would enjoy a rematch?. But finally to find a contradiction to this would be playing at tournaments where players are respectful win or lose will give out advice and ask for some tips and sometimes you become friends with some of them then you realize in the end damn we all just want to play. So after making this lengthy thread I just want to hear everyone?s opinion on this.

Welcome to the internet…cry more.

This should either be in FGD or in a blog.

Because for some reason, a lot of moron gamers out there are somehow under the impression that trashtalk is the “kewl” thing to do these days.

trash talk is only cool face to face and really only against friends bcuz shit gets disrespectful pretty quick.

Do you really care that much what some random, nameless person on the internet called you?

Even against friends it gets fuggin’ annoying! I’ll be playing against them and all i hear the whole match is:

"What you got?!“
"Slammed that bitch…DOWN!”

WTF? We’re just playing games. Even if it is SSFIV, theres no need to flame it up with all this childish WWF commentary for craps sake.

I mean our commentators do it now saying guys suck and they are newbs. Its a problem that needs to be addressed

Being too trash talky to strangers is just immature, like something teenage boys do to show off…

but trash talking amongst friends is a bit more fun, it’s kind of a group game

sounds like a lotta pussies up in here atm

Right underneath “general discussion” it says this: “Discuss anything you like. But if you’re talking about fighting games, please take it to Fighting Game Discussion!”