Response Time for Fighters: Good, fine, bad?

Now, having read the guide to input lag, I’m fully aware that =/= response time.

What I’m curious about is, what sort of numbers are acceptable for a fighter?

I’m in the market for a monitor for a desktop, but I want it to double as a display for my consoles too, that’s small enough that moving it between dorms overseas isn’t a hassle.

Anyways, I have best buy store credit, their selection sucks, but they have a Samsung F2380MX for a decently good price, which I imagine should be similar to the F2380M. Which would mean its input lag’s totally acceptable.

But the complaints about the response time concern me, yet fighters aren’t really the same thing as twitch panning FPS’s. Mind you, I play mostly new-gen fighters, so I might see 2a spamming or Arcana Hearts flying up screens and stuff.

Basically, my question is, for fighting games in general, what sort of display response times are acceptable, without me ending up seeing Ibuki slide across the screen all blurry and double-imaged?

Rockin’ the ASUS VH236H for my Phenom rig (would upgrade to an i7, but I see no point – the games that I play merely tease my CPU + my 4890 :rofl:).

At one point in my apartment down in UCLA, a roommate had a bunch of peeps over for some SF4 action. Long story short: they used my monitor, and had no complaints whatsoever; they clearly were executing their combos for the most part.

Seeing as how I use the monitor for PC gaming, games like SC2, LoL, CS:S, TF2… they all play smoothly; no noticeable input lag whatsoever. To sum it up: if I were to screw up, I wouldn’t be complaining about my monitor not displaying my actions when I input them :slight_smile:

But yeah, good monitor! Picked it up for ~$150 (w/ tax) about less than a month ago.