Responses you get after dominating with Dan



I mainly use Zangief but from time to time I like to use Dan - both for the challenge and the fun of throwing people off with a rare matchup.
As of now my dan game stands to improve much but from time to time I’ll win and it’s getting more sophisticated.

Just wondering what responses you guys have gotten after winning or even totally obliterating somebody with Dan?
Shame? Anger? Confusion? All 3? Not that anybody should really be ashamed IMO because I think Dan is more legit than people think…

So let’s hear it.


I gotten 2.

  1. Dan is the man ;]

  2. YOUR MY HERO NOW! (This one came from a zangief user.) I was amazed as him that i won.


See that’s wicked I love when people see how cool it is when a character like geef can get stomped by a dan. I main Zangief and I can totally appreciate a loss to a really skillful dan.


Its actually pretty funny. At first, when you’re playing with Dan it seems like players will play very recklessly. Almost as if Dan can’t really do anything. So generally, I dominate the first round. Than the next round, they totally slow their game up and it becomes a little trickier. Almost as if they’re really thinking of Dan as a good opponent that takes a bit of thought to take down.


I can exact the same response when I play an unorthodox Zangief game - little to no lariats, no jump ins etc etc - throws them RIGHT off :wgrin:


these are the ones sitting in my msg list right now

“I loved seeing your SAIKYO POWER”

“fucking sick dan play”

“wtf was that combo at the end o_O”

( that combo at the end was >> c.hp xx lp gadou xx EX FA >> lk danku >> EX krk )
I thought he would die, but he dizzied at the krk so i jabbed away what little was left.


oddly enough, ive never gotten anything negative when i beat someone with dan, only a random positive response occasionally.


“Nice Dan”

“Scary Dan”

“Lol I’m not even mad”

“You’re good, but Dan is poop”

“I love your Dan”

“I’ve been Danilated”

And a few people msg me saying: “SAIIIYKOOO”


“Next time Dont be so cheap”
(This particular guy never blocked, I mean ever, never did anything on wake up, so I figured the quickest route to his destruction was HK dankyu the whole match, literally thats all I did)
“Dan the Man”
“Best Dan Ever”
“Lost to Dan of all people”
“Random Ultra bullshit get some real skill”
(I got this guy twice when he tried to hadoken me at close range on wake up) Its hardly random, if you hadoken me every time on wake up, its a safe bet your going to do it again.)

Ive gotten more than a few people who make excuses for their loss. “I wasnt taking this seriously” “I wasnt trying” “You dont think I did my best do you?”

Those are more annoying, because its rather obvious they were, or else why would you go out of your way to tell me, what do you care what some person who you may never play again, thinks of you and for sure will never meet. I mean seriously the desperation whiffed ultras and hail mary specials at the end are proof enough you were trying whatever you could to score a win. Why? Because when i am outclassed in a match, thats the kind of crap I resort to on the brink of death or when I know I am seriously out matched and have no hope of victory in a round, I just taunt.

Ive also lost and gotten complimented on my Dan play as well if it was a close game.


Ive had many matches like that, I can come out and soundly beat someone in a round, then they bring their A game and it gets markedly tougher. I think alot might have to do with infrequently playing dan they dont know what to expect.


It’s been over a month since I’ve had any complaints. I hope it’s not because I’m getting worse! For the first month or so of the game’s release, I’d get negative messages here and there from people I beat. Those seem to have completely died off though. Instead I’m getting messages like these.

“lol damn good dan, had me worried gg”
“first with yoshi and now dan! argh!!” (I’d played this guy in Soul Calibur IV too)
“wow all i can say”
“lol good match, liking those air taunts”
“lol didnt really take a dan serious oh well”
“gg…perfect dan player…”
“nice dan… caught me off guard” “and the super taunt was too funny to interrupt… plus the whole cancel to ultra thing”
“I just couldn’t beat the awesome force that is Dan =P”
“gg dan lol”
“lol first good dan i saw”
“intense battle gg” (this was after a Dan vs. Sakura Championship match where we just taunted all game)
“lol were u trying legendary taunt into ultra?”
“LOL! put your back into it”
“lmao best match ever” (a Dan vs. Dan match… but he interrupted my Legendary Taunt! :frowning: )
“lol… knee of justice! gg”
“you have my eternal respect nice dan gg” (from a Ryu who dominated me yesterday)

Seriously, scrolling back over the last month’s worth of messages, there’s not a single hostile one. People appreciate Dan and the people who play him. :wink: At least, the people I wind up playing. That’s sure a lot of 'lol’s…


“your dan is really good”

other then that, none. people usually quit after the first match when i beat them. =(




LOL you must play like me. Hit and run dan ftw! Its got to be frustrating for some players especially if you are good at it. Especially love it vs Ryu. Ryu constantly trys to zone you, as long as you can control his zoning ability for the first few Fb’s I jump them and back dash. once hes in a corner he can’t effectively zone you since he cant back up. Eventually he will throw an fb that gives you a worry free jump in, or he will come at you (usually at this point im rubbing F-DF-D-DF-F waiting for the hurricane kick or attempt jumpin/cross up, if they Fb I jumpin on them. When I get the knockdown I run away again rinse repeat. Or an over aggressive player that really trys to pile on the pressure, and I just run from them until they really F up.


I have to start using this.


I don’t hit and run. I got him dizzy twice…


Then whats with the comment about the running away?


Pretty sure I got some messages from oberfuhrer56 last night on another account. Same Icon, threatened with violence and also gave a phone number to call much like the picture Also his name was SSpanzergroup or something like that. I still have the messages in my inbox and I will share them when I can.


Wow, this one takes the cake. Ive had people get pissed, but never anyone giving a phone number and threatening violence. Now your making me want to seek him out and beat him doing nothing but throwing, for the entertainment value alone.