Rest For The Win- Jigglypuff Thread

Jugglypuff is my current main in Brawl. She’s had some nerfs and buffs from her Melee counterpart. A lot of her game revolves around WoP which is short for wall of pain. It consists of doing repeated Fair’s and Bair’s on the opponent while DI’ing in and out. She has good combo potential and can rack up damage pretty well. Most of her KO’s come from aggressive edgegaurding, she also has a few good straight up KO moves such as rest and Fsmash. She has some of the best recovery in the game due to her floaty weight along with five midair jumps, and rising pound. On the flip side she’s still very easy to KO because she’s so floaty and lightweight.

-No lag on aerials
-Incredible DI
-Hard to combo

-Short reach
-Smashes/tilts generally suck

Move analysis

Neural A: Average- Racks up damage

Dashing A: Average- Good move to approach with

Ftilt: Average- Decent poke, makes space for WoP setup

Utilt: Average- Combo starter, hard to connect, comes out a bit slow

Dtilt: Bad- Nothing special

Fsmash: Good- Good KO move

Usmash: Bad- Nothing special

Dsmash: Average- Good edgegaurd when opponent is on the ledge

Nair: Average- Hit box stays out long

Fair: Good- Use for WoP

Bair: Good- Use for WoP

Uair: Good- Combo filler

Dair: Good- Combo filler

Fthrow: Average- Makes space for WoP setup

Bthrow: Average- Makes space for WoP setup, has more knockback than Fthrow

Uthrow: Bad- Sends the opponent really high but it doesn’t KO and you can’t make any follow ups

Dthrow: Good- Combo starter

NeutralB: Good- Great control of main platforms, good knockback

SideB: Good- Combo starter, incredible recovery move

UpB: Bad- Puts the opponent to sleep longer the more damage they have, it’s still useless though

DownB: Good- One of the best KO moves in the game

Heh very nice. Too bad I haven’t unlocked her yet:rofl:. Doesn’t her Down B have some sort of flower effect to it?

Yes it does, the flower does damage over time and falls off after a certain time. I’m not sure how much damage it does or if player movement will decrease the amount of time the flower stays on. And heres a video on how to unlock Jigglypuff:


You have to beat SSE first before doing this.

i think in brawl its harder to land the rest, seems that the hitbox for it got smaller, anybody else notice this or is just me?

Actually it’s already been proven that the hitbox has gotten bigger.

It’s bigger but it’s harder cause everyone is floatier in Brawl.

really it got bigger? i was trying that combo thats up tilt to rest but i couldnt seem to land it. also, sucks u cant up throw rest fox no more :sad:

Also sucks the the rest trajectory is straight up instead of to the side… :shake:

Yeah but understand even in Melee, you goal was to KO them upward. If they get KO’d from the side, they will respawn before you recover and can potentially KO you.

It can KO around 50 to 70 for most characters which is still good considering the average KO is around 100+

Utilt to rest no longer works

You’re supposed to want a top vertical KO because…

You basically said what I was going to say.


Pound into rest still works, and it’s even better now since pound knocks the opponent straight up. Short hopped Dair into rest still works as well. One thing I’ve noticed is that rests hit box is bigger on her backside then her front so doing a running reverse rest(like a reverse Bair) can work. Also if you do rest in the air and land in the water all your lag is cut off. So in stages like Delfino Plaza and Pirate Ship, it may be a good idea to WoP someone off the side then combo into rest. Even if you miss you still won’t get punished because you instantly recover.

Jigglypuff Stage Selection:

Whenever you pick a stage to fight on while using Jigglypuff make sure to keep a few things in mind.

-Not a lot of platforms
-Main platforms you can go up through

On small stages without many platforms you can freely perform WoP and combos, also rollout becomes a lot more effective. On stages with main platforms you can go up through, you can hover below it and attack your opponent above you. On stages with water you can combo your opponent off the stage into a rest and still be safe because when you land in water all your lag is instantly canceled. Here is a list of stages Jiggs does well on:

-Final Destination
-Yoshi’s Island
-Port Town Aero Dive
-Delfino Plaza
-Pirate Ship

Note that Delfino Plaza is probably her best stage overall.


I just discovered that thanks to the stale move system of Brawl and how much Jigglypuff abuses her aerials thanks to WoP that not only can you do Dair into rest but also Uair, Fair, Bair, and Nair. After your aerial attack loses some knockback thanks to the stale move system you can continue to DI towards your opponent a pull off a rest. On a side note Uthrow to rest no longer works.

Jiggz was one of my secondaries in Melee and is working towards one of my mains.

Uair -> Rest is pretty beast with the C-stick set to specials. Everytime I try to analog the rest after an Uair, I wind up doing a Rollout. The funny thing is, I usually C-stick the aerials. Interesting conundrum, eh?

I mostly go for kills of the top if I’m using Uair, but whenever I do use rest after an Uair I make sure the move has lost some of it’s knockback through the stale move system so it won’t knock the opponent up as high, which makes it easier for a rest follow up. And so far I’ve never accidentally done another move while going for rest, but I have done sing a few times accidentally while trying to do a rising pound.

Dunno if this was discovered or not but Dair has the potential to trip standing opponents. I posted this on smashboards too. You could tech-chase the roll into a rest or a WoP or something. Figured I’d tell you guys this.

I was a die hard tournament Jiggs player in melee.
So I can’t fully ever give her up.

But oh lord, they’ve hurt my baby soo much. :shake:
Why did they have to do that to her… :sad:

Rest out of shield is still bombsquad… so I’m not tooo sad…

Yeah, I’ve noticed it a few times but I haven’t really tested it much.

How exactly have they hurt her? Personally I consider Brawl Jiggs to be overall better than Melee jiggs(minus the exclusion of easy rest setups).

penguin is right, they took a grip of advantages that jigs had, her wall of pain is a bit harder, but can still be managed. Her rest is weaker, but her Fair is Much stronger. still, she has one of they best recoveries form below the stage. And her little hats make her adorable heh.

I have to ask, did you ever play high level Jiggs in melee?

Jigglypuff was a good and balanced character because of her amazing aireal mobility, good priority/range with certain moves… and the fact that you had a high risk high reward instant kill attack. Now in brawl, many characters have your air mobility and recovery ability… yet you’re still lighter then them.

Some characters (Metaknight) can do everything Jiggs can yet better. (Recovery, WOP, etc)
The whole mindset of “thats ok, I’m never out of this game untill its over because I have Rest” is long gone.

They’ve buffed a few moves (fair and rollout for quick example)… but they nerfed her most signature moves (Rest and Bair and Nair).

I’m still going to play her, but in NOOOO way is she anything close to her melee counterpart. Melee Jiggs would run rings around ALL the characters in this game. (which no doubt is why she was changed)

I only casually played Jigglypuff in Melee, I mained Marth with Fox and Falco as alternates. I like the way Jiggs feels in Brawl, and I’ve grown a bit tired of my old characters so I decided to switch mains. And I don’t think MK can do everything Jiggs can do but better. I think she can WoP better because of her knockback and that she can generally KO better because she has more straight up KO moves than MK.

Jiggz’s WoP feels alot more effective than Metaknights because I THINK her aerial mobility is the better of the two. MEta’s WoP never feels like it does the job. Don’t get me wrong, Meta’s the better character but Jiggz is more effective in that aspect.

And yeah, I hate how they raped Rest. If they’re gonna make it so hard to set-up, they should have kept it’s absurb KO ability.