Rest in Peace Eduard Khil(The Trololololol Man)


The internet will never be the same again :frowning:


Damn he was 77? Anyway its a sad day for trolls everywhere, for he was their icon.


now he’s trolololoing in heaven Q_Q



this is indeed very sad news. i wonder if he ever knew how popular he became?






He did. There was some video of him being interviewed about it a couple of years ago.


I’m no stranger to the meme.
You know how it’s used and so do I.
Will I live forever? Is what I’m thinking of.
I’ll trolldle you better than any other guy.
I – just wanted to show you some of my singin’
But now I’m the voice of the – trollin’ man

Never gonna fail you now
Never gonna make U Mad
Never gonna do a barrel roll while fire’n my lazer at you









It must be terrible to only be known through some really bad internet joke. Probably what killed him.


I hope he is just trolling us…



I don’t know about all of this newschool meme business. All I can say is, hello my future girlfriend. Mr. T ate my balls. I’ll punt u with fate x. Ask the dead moogles.

[racist macro]