Restaurant Guide Evo2k13


Gonna put together a quick guide on where to eat during Evo, gonna start with places within the Paris and nearby I’ll add more later. **Italicized is highly recommended. ** If you wanna recommend anything else post away.

Fast Food
Earl of Sandwich, Panda Express, McDonald’s, Fatburger, and Wendy’s are all within a 15 minute walk from the Paris. But its seriously unbelievably hot outside so I’d recommend against walking it. Also it’s fast food, automatically gonna recommend against it. Earl of Sandwich is your best bet if you’re hungry late at night.

Quick and Cheap
(Around $8-$15 a person)
[list] []Cafe Belle Madeleine (Coffee + Pastries)
]La Creperie (Crepes, what else?)[/list]
Recommend getting the Nutella or the Tomato Mozzarella
[list] []JJ’s Boulangerie (Sandwiches) []Le Cafe Ile St. Louis (American Variety)[/list]

Little bit more expensive
($13-$20 a person, most of them sit down restaurants, would not recommend if you’re strapped for time)
[list] []Burger Brasserie (Burgers) []Mon Ami Gabi (French) [*]Sugar Factory (Variety, Lots of Alcohol)[/list] Best place to eat late at night and for breakfast by far. Big variety and most of the menu is very affordable. Some stuff is bit on the expensive side

I have some spending money
(Varies all over the place. Nothing less than $18 but $50 at the absolute most unless you are some sort of vacuum and orders multiple entrees)
[list] []Eiffel Tower Restaurant (French, Brunch Edition)[/list] Brunch menu is a bit more affordable, Dinner menu is pretty pricey. Recommend getting the French Omelette or the Baked Crepes. Get the Caviar Trio if you have “riding a scooter drinking capri sun” money.
[list] [
]Le Provencal (French and Italian)[/list] Most items extremely affordable but you’re probably gonna be spending around $30 a person. Recommend the Veal Scaloppini, the Ribeye, or if you’re on a budget the Mushroom Risotto. Upscale restaurant, would be wise not to wear your T-Shirts and Sandals.
[list] [*]Village Buffet[/list] About $25 a person for Breakfast and Lunch, then $32 a person for Dinner or Brunch. Don’t ask me how that works. Really can’t go wrong with this pick.

Big Spender/I just won a big money match
($50+ A Person. Upscale restaurants, would not be wise to show up in your flame T-Shirts, shorts, and fedoras. Corporate Casual is fine.)
[list] []Gordon Ramsay’s Steak (Steak Variety)[/list]
Its seriously worth the money. Get the Wellington, it’s the restaurant’s (and Gordon Ramsay’s) signature dish and easily the second best thing on the menu. The best thing on the menu is the Sticky Toffee Pudding, unbelievably delicious and perfect with Coffee. The Gordon Ramsay pub in the Caesar’s has an extremely gimped out budget version that doesn’t even compare. Going to add that you are seriously retarded or have some sort of anti-fun mechanic in your head if you don’t get the Sticky Toffee Pudding.
[list] [
]Eiffel Tower Restaurant (French, Dinner Edition)[/list] A lot more pricey and a lot less tasty than Steak in my opinion. Still really good though, recommend the Filet Mignon or Rack of Lamb.

Where to eat during Evo?

Pinks Hot Dogs!

Jumbo Dog with Nacho cheese, guacamole, sour creme, and grilled onions is no joke! Destroy my arteries plz!


Nice list. I might make it a point to try L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon this time.


Ha! Thanks for the list. My first time at Evo and Vegas generally and food is most important.


Shout-outs to Chef Gordon Ramsay. Love that guy!


If you’re rich as fuck go to Batista’s Hole in the Wall. High-end Italian food with god-tier Cappuccino.


Gold coast buffet


Miracle Mile Shops are not far enough to where you can’t walk outside. If anyone has a vehicle, drive down to Maryland Parkway. UNLV is right there and wherever their is a major University, food places are sure to set up shop. Paris is not a Casinowith a lot of variety so it lacks a lot of things other casinos have.


Sweet list, dude! :smiley:

Too bad that I can’t go to Evo, which sucks since I want to go sooooo bad. ;_;

Plus I really want to check out that Sugar Factory place after checking out their menu online. Their drinks look so freaking cool.


Haven’t posted in a long time, but that list wasn’t good enough. Check out Secret Pizza at the Cosmo, Earl of Sandwich and Lobster Me at the Miracle Mile, Hash House for breakfast(there are a few around), Rio’s Buffet, Arias Buffet(best i’ve had so far). Big spender? Eat at Mastros at the Crystal Shops.


+1 to Earl of Sandwich. Also, Lotus of Siam. It’s a bit off the strip and in a shady strip mall area, but well worth the trip. Best Thai NA.


The food away from the strip is way better and a lot cheaper. Personally, I like Island Style, which has decent and cheap Hawaiian/Korean food. Also, Hawaiian Style Poke for it’s Hawaiian style sashimi. There’s a ton of pho places outside the strip that’s decent as well.


If you walk south past Planet Hollywood, about 5-7 minutes from Paris on that side of the strip, there will be a small bar close to the road, just as the strip starts looking desolate. You can get a beer and a hotdog for 2$ if you’re as down on your luck as I was when I went last year… granted the price may be different. It’s actually the best dog I can ever remember eating, not that that says too much


Wish I could remember the name… you can’t miss it, they have a big sign that was advertising this deal when I was in the area. If you’re lucky, the same girl will be working, tatted up and fine


Also, Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall has a 3.99 steak n eggs breakfast that starts at like 4 am. Had that after a late gambling session, will fill your belly for cheap (the bar is past Bill’s, my memory is a lil foggy so please forgive)


No one mentioned the $2 tacos in Bally’s.


I went on a quest for some $2 tacos. Where the heck was the $2 tacos?! I ended up at the bar.

Hash is not mentioned?! That place is the best! Awesome food!


I didn’t find out about the $2 tacos in Bally’s until the day of finals. I’d been walking down past Planet Hollywood to get my taco fix. The tacos in Bally’s were at that Tequila Bar & Grill near the escalators.


The $2 tacos were in the Tequila Bar in Bally’s, and man are they good! I’m guessing more people discovered them too, since they were looking mobbed with Evo people later in the weekend. Totally worth it.


Just wanted to comment on the places I went to this year.

Had the Paris brunch buffet. It was pretty pricey. I guess the food was good. It wasn’t bad. IDK, I thought there should be more variety for 30 bucks.

I ate a lot of Lee’s sandwiches. Just kept a stash in my room, lol. I also went out to Canes, because people always said it was good from the seasons beatings threads. You know what? It was pretty good. Those strips are damn moist. Cane sauce is alright. Fresh lemonade was damn good also. Fries, slaw, texas toast were alright.

Was budget strapped this year, will be more adventurous next year.