Restraining Order/Harassment Etc


Going to bullet point this cause its kind of a long story.

-Close friends with someone for 8 years

-Got a girlfriend who lived with him (slightly prior to the summer and over the summer)

-She went back to college to live there (40 minute drive)

-He ended it with her

-Supposedly made him psycho cause of all the shit she did to him (read i still dont know what this is but this is what hes told me)

-Became obsessed with the lead singer of a shitty band (Jacob Bannon, Converge) and all this shit about true heart break and what not

-Life started going downhill for him at this point, wouldnt listen to ** any** of his close friends, but rather some dumb broad

-Lost an $17 internship, kicked out school, has a restraining order on him from the girl he was with

-No job, starts coming at me for money that i supposedly owe him (read: it was a gift)

-Threatened extortion on me ($20 a week by december [this was in november last year] or i lose a windshield + tires, his words)

-Texts me all the time harassing me.

-Eventually violates his restraining order again by keying the girls car (yes he drove all the way down there)

-Gets sent to a psycho ward

-Just got out last week of feb/first week of march on 2 years watch/probation

-Immediately started sending me FB messages again and general harassment

-Texted me again this morning bothering me

Thats the story and today I was really fed up with it so I wanted to get a restraining order. I went to my District Court and they told me I had to go to Superior Court a few cities away cause we werent dating/related. Regardless, I called the Superior Court and they told me that it wouldnt be free (its free for spouses and relatives) but rather $275 + more for summonings/servings. And this is all depending on what I make a year which isnt a lot. The guy I spoke with said the judge can lower it down to nothingI work part time at Stop and Shop and am a Full time College student paying for my car, gas, some food, and cellphone.

I was going to go tomorrow and actually try and see what they bump the price to if anything but if they wont, or i still cant afford it, ** what is my best option**? I havent threatened this kid at all ever once to cover myself. But I mean if I cant get a restraining order, what is my next best option? What am I to do?


Your tag name is Gridman not Gridwoman. You got a problem with him handle it like a man.


i’m thinking it would have come to violence way back a few steps,
then again you’re in america and guns and nutters don’t mix well.


Sounds like a good ole’ fashioned ass kicking would solve the problem with a quickness.

EDIT: or you could just fuck with him… Text him back saying you are tired of all the shit and you will pay him to just leave you alone. Then tell him to meet you at some really REALLY bad part of town, or a gay bar or something. Hopefully he gets crazy/pissed off enough when you don’t show to start acting the fool in those areas and gets curbstomped.


Responding with physical violence is literally the dumbest thing you could do. If this guy wants money and has a brain cell left he is just trying to bait you to do something stupid, i.e., physical violence, and then sue you. Do the smart thing and pony up the cash for a restraining order. Protip: don’t listen to SRKers.



Yeah was just about to respond that I’m not looking to fight him mainly to keep myself from getting in shit. Dont see how thats hard to understand


Call the cops. If you have documentation such as Facebook messages and texts, etc… you can use that as proof of harassment and threats towards you. Oh and be preemptive and get strapped. Oh yeah call the cops.

You should say something to him like, “Hey I took the money i supposedly owe you and bought a gun, leave me alone.”


Can my city cops actually do anything if he lives one city over from me?


Honestly, have any of you guys known psychopaths who get their ass kicked and step down? It’s a good way to get yourself stabbed. I don’t think it would matter if he lives a city over, as long as he’s harassing you. I imagine they can just call the other town’s cops if they want.

It might be a good idea to just block his Facebook and number, though he might freak out and go after your car then.


Yo Grid, your friend’s not from Fall River is he?? If so, I understand him going nuts. :frowning:


Problem Solved


Nah Nick. Hes from Everett. One city over from me (Somerville). The girl he was with who got the restraining order against him lives in Bridgewater which is close to fall river.

  1. Print out all proof of harassment.

  2. Take that to the police and file for a restraining order.

  3. Load your guns incase he is truly psycho. If you don’t own a gun, that is a problem you should remedy with the quickness.

  4. If he violates the order, supply proof to the cops = he gets arrested.

  5. If you find him crawling through your window at 2am, put two in his chest and then call the cops.


going to have to weigh in on the side of letting the authorities handle it. resorting to violence is going to probably achieve 1 of 2 things, neither of which is all that great for you. 1) you kick his ass and that’s exactly what he wanted you to do. prolly has that whole shit on candid camera and then HE has the upperhand in a legal battle and takes your ass to the cleaners. (my brother got taken to the cleaners on battery charges before… the person who got beat down almost allways comes out on top). 2) he wanted you to back down, you kicked his ass, his crazy ass takes it to the next level and starts slashing tires/breaking windows and or gets some kind of additional force (knife, gun, crowbar, knucks whatever).

i would start with a police report, there is probably something they can do for you. if not bite the bullet and pay for the restraining order.


You could do all of this or you could grow a pair and stand up to him. he obviously believes he can do this to you because you’re an easy target in his eyes. Correct that. If it doesn’t and he goes bonkers, have him arrested/sent back to the nuthouse. Free, convenient, and you will actually be taking charge.


If you haven’t already, make sure he is blocked from your phone and on every ignore list that you might have.

Also, gotta go with the others who say not to start anything physical with him. If he is after money then the first thing he is going to do after any fisticuffs is run to a lawyer to get you sued for monetary damages.


take charge and don’t back down


well heres the thing buddy, people like that are fucking psychos. If you go and confront him and beat his ass he isnt going to call the cops.

if your that worried about it let him take the first swing and then drop him, when you do though make sure you really send a fucking message, not the haha hee hee message, like if you fuck with me again you’ll have another 2 grand doctors visit to fix your face.


i say that because police dont do shit, get a restraining order see if it makes any sort of a fucking difference.


Another idea, If he really is on probation at the psycho ward, you might want want to talk to his probation officer. If he is still sending you stuff then that might make a good chance to get his probation revoked. Just make sure you come in with proof/printouts of the stuff he has been sending you since he got out.

It all depends on how far you want to take things since he used to be a good friend.