Restrictor gate VS Character/style of play

Hey guys, i just ordered my HRAP3 from playasia and im already thinking of the future possible mods i can easily implement on it.
I already know the button mod is really nothing extraordinary as the stick has quick disconnects and such so im gonna focus on restrictor gates for now.
My questions are:
(if any of the questions are plain stupid just say so… no prob)

  • Is the use of any type of gate related directly to some characters style of inputs, like charge characters(urien, guile, etc…)? is it easier to play them with gate x, or gate y…?
  • What gates you guys use and why you use them?
  • What gates did you change from and why?
    next question is probably answered in many threads but just so i can get a summary info on the matter:
  • What are the easiest sanwa gate models to put into a HRAP3(square, octogonal, etc…)?

Thanks for ur pacience :wink:

HRAP 3 comes with a Sanwa JLF square gate.

IMO - square gates are perfect for shoto characters (fireball, DP motions). the reason is that you can really feel the diagonals.

IMO - circular (and/or octagonal) gates are good for Zangief-style “360” characters. the reason is that you can easily rotate the joystick around the gate.

IMO - charge characters don’t have a gate bias.

but all character-types can do just fine with any gate. it will always come down to personal preference.

They should all be equally easy with the exception of the circular gate. For some reason they only made one for JLW series.

I sanded down an octo-gate with good results though. Circle gate with a heavy top = EZ spd

personally i love square gate for charge characters…universal charge (ie down-back) is so much easier to hit. also, Guile/Claw supers in ST come out so much easier on a square gate because you can hold down back and just slide the stick forward while pulling down on it to hit down forward, slide it back again and then up-forward (which is easy to hit as well because of the square diagonal) - it becomes as easy as doing a standard charge super like Chun Li’s :slight_smile:

of course there’s the other motion people use to do it as well, but i like doing it this way w/ a square gate.

i’m still getting used to square gate for my zangief, but it’s coming along nicely, just takes practice and the understanding that you don’t actually have to hit the sides of the gate in order to actually do moves - a small quick circle inside of it suffices.

thanks for the input ppl :wink:

any more opinions?

Just keep the stock square gate on the Sanwa JLF in the HRAP3. Non-square gates on Japanese joysticks fuck up the dynamics of the stick too much imo.

  • for super flash kick motions, I prefer square gates
  • for Mahvul type games, I prefer IL Eurosticks (or good P360s)
  • for GG style games, japanese sticks with square gate
  • for Tekken, Fantas
  • for all non fighting games that use digital joysticks, Seimitsu LS-32 or LS-33. IL Eurosticks are not bad for 8 way games. If you are going to be switching between 4 and 8 way a lot, then use Sanwa JLWs as they have the easily rotatable restrictor. There are a few European sticks that allow you to switch between 8 and 4 way quite easily without even opening up your control panel, but they usually have really short throws (like maybe 1 or 2 mm) that make them useless for fighting games.
  • for NFL Blitz, old school 49 way joysticks mothafuckas

for all other games/characters/moves, I don’t really have a preference (certain sticks I like much more than others though and are generally considered to be good, while others suck). They’re just joysticks. You play games on them and, unlike pads, don’t rape your thumbs.

octagonal gate all the way for me, makes everything feel so much smoother and easier for me.

I only have a Hori EX2 which comes with a square gate and maybe it’s because I’m a stick newbie and haven’t tried “good” sticks yet or because my execution is still very poor but I find it hard to do QCF and play any charge char with it… that’s why I was considering among the Sanwa buttons mod also tossing in an octo gate. Any ideas?

I main only charge characters and for me the square gates are good because you feel the diagonals. I’m always charging down back and if i go up say with rog, I try to hit up back so I maintain that charge. Feeling the corners is crucial to getting that out consistently for me.


No stick or buttons or gate will make you execute better in and of themselves. I’ve been using the EX2 since it came out and I do just fine. Practice practice practice is key!

I too have to recommend the square gate for charge characters for the exact same reasons that others, including Davero, have mentioned. It is reassuring to feel the corners when you’re crouching + charging, jumping + charging, etc… It gives you that sense you know you “should” be actively charging a move cause the stick shouldn’t move from the corner if you’re holding it right. So you should know when you release your charge, whether it’s done purposefully or not.

trying to play charge chars on octagons is like trying to have sex in a fat suit imo.

I really have no preference. I learned on circle gate and currently use square. Friend has octo, I have no problem playing on it.

I like to ride the gate, so octagon is perfect for me. I also have a JLW with a circle. I play 360 characters and quarter characters, rarely charge (though I wanna learn some Chun-Li…). In Guilty Gear, I play Slayer, Sol, and Potemkin.

What he said. I rarely play as charge characters, but I don’t find it any easier with a square gate.

Yeh, maybe you’re right and it’s probably just about my poor execution rather than the gate “screwing me”. I still want to change the buttons… sometimes jabs or shorts won’t register and I don’t know why… the stick is 2 months old!

In my opinion Square gate is the best choice for every type of character EXCEPT 360 dependent characters. For 360 characters I think a Happ circular joystick is superior to any Jap stick w/ square OR octagonal. For my it was 10x more easier to pull off 360/720 on a Happ than any other joystick.

With a Happ I could pull off 360’s/720’s at the drop of a hat but with Jap square/octagonal I wasn’t nearly as consistent.