Results 9/27 MvC2/3S/TTT/T4 Outer Limits Anderson SC "Smack Talk = Toe in the Mouth"

Sorry so late - for those of you that were there, you know that I thought I had suffered a broken toe. Well, turns out it really is :slight_smile: I had a tad bit of difficulty getting home driving a stick…

Here are the results - anyone who’s name is not clear, or is missing a last name or handle, misspelled, etc etc PLEASE reply on this thread - these were APEX ranked tournaments, so they need to have correct results

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (24 players):

  1. Issac Nicholson “raekw0n187” - BAMA
  2. Shaun Banks “evilstorm” - Charlotte
  3. Dee Boggess “Dee” - Charlotte
  4. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” - Clemson
  5. Sora Arrington “Tron Li” - AUG
  6. Max Moore “50morecents” - ATL
  7. Kevin Hutchins “EvilGouki” - Anderson
  8. Josh Williams - Charlotte
  9. #2 (need your name) - AUG
  10. NAM (need sig/name) - AUG
  11. Perry Griffin “MagnusMadness” - BAMA
  12. Josh McWhorter “Icege” - Charleston
  13. Colin Caldwell “halcyonryu” - BAMA
  14. Raph Bendy “SSJGeorgeBush” - now representing AUG
  15. PimpJuice (need name) - ATL
  16. Eric Jeffries “HaoGui” - ATL
  17. Israel Barker - Charlotte
  18. Sami Ackerman “DrFunkenstein2k” - Anderson
  19. Jordan Harvey “Dark Akuma” - Anderson
  20. David Grogan - Anderson
  21. Chi Kauffman “ilikebeingalive” - Charleston
  22. Jonathan?
  23. Sam H? (ATL?)
  24. Chris F (Random Clemson dude)

3rd Strike (12 players):

  1. June Ro “DooBoy” - ATL
  2. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” - Clemson
  3. Ted King “LiquiTed” - Lavonia/Anderson
  4. Colin Caldwell “halcyonryu” - BAMA
  5. Sami Ackerman “DrFunkenstein2k” - Anderson
  6. Rashid Reddy “ShinkuuR” - Savannah
  7. Leigh Lamb “RoninChaos” aka Cracka Supreme - ATL
  8. Eric Jeffries “HaoGui” - ATL
  9. Jordan Harvey “Dark Akuma” - Anderson
  10. William Harrison “TaZ” - Anderson
  11. Josh McWhorter “Icege” - Charleston
  12. Chi Kauffman “ilikebeingalive” - Charleston

T4 (11 players):

  1. Clint Lamar “EWGF” - ATL
  2. June Ro “DooBoy” - ATL
  3. Bane - ATL
  4. Wayne Gamble “WayGamble” - Columbia
  5. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” - Clemson
  6. Josh McWhorter “Icege” - Charleston
  7. Booda (??) - ATL
  8. Travis (???) - (???)
  9. Jason Leverant “krayzeejl” - Greenville
  10. Dez Morris “DEZ187” - Greenville
  11. Tay Garrett “Akushitsuna Sak” - AUG

Apologies interjected here for Tekken 4 - new sticks and buttons do no good when the actual WOOD on the control panel has grooves in it.

TTT (10 players):

  1. Clint Lamar “EWGF” - Atlanta*
  2. Bane - Atlanta*
  3. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” - Anderson
  4. June Ro “DooBoy” - ATL
  5. Jason Leverant “krayzeejl” - Greenville
  6. Rashid Reddy “ShinkuuR” - Savannah
  7. Dez Morris “DEZ187” - Greenville
  8. Booda
  9. Wayne Gamble “WayGamble” - Columbia
  10. Jordan Harvey “DarkAkuma” - Anderson

*Bane forfeited b/c they had to go
**Jordan forfeited out to help run 3rd Strike tournament

There were no A3/XvSF/SvC/MvSF tournaments as originally planned, but everyone had a blast playing these games casually :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone for their help and support - turnouts like these are healthy for the community as a whole. In this case, there was at least one representative from every major gaming area within 2 hours of Anderson, plus Alabama and Charleston! I also won’t be able to do this again for a while - school is quite time consuming this semester.

Thanks imparticular to:

Ted - for not only running brackets and starting this ball rolling in the first place, but for bringing his own cabinets from his house to Anderson so that we could partake in SvC and 3S/A3/XvSF

Jordan - for use of A3/XvSF boards and running brackets (not bad for his first time :))

Josh M “Icege” - for running brackets and taping matches, even though I can’t remember actually saying “goodbye” to the Charleston crew…but there was a lot going on

EMS - for having such a strong showing

Dee and Clint - for joining me on my smoke breaks :slight_smile:

Jae - for not breaking anything :lol:

And everyone that lost to me in a game of A3 or XvSF, for making a fogie like myself feel special :slight_smile:

Going to bed now - Ted will check your replies and enter the APEX points as soon as everything is cleared up. It was great to see all you guys again, and I hope I can at least visit for the next one. This tournament was a huge success - keep em going!!!

Kyah aka “Runmaster” aka “HCIC” :lol:

Wow, Sami did well in 3 Strike. Sounds like a good tourny. Man I so wasted right now.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped us get back on our tournament feet again . It’s been awahile since we’ve run an event and this was a good re-beginning . I was a little disappointed by the lack of 3S entries but thats the way it goes when you play something other than MvC2 .

Congrats to Clint , June and Isaac on your wins and I hope everyone made it home safely .


The sleeping bear strikes again! My hour nap on the Cruisin’ Exotica machine was great.

Ted, I really enjoyed our match. More so than any match I’ve played in a very long time. We definitely gotta do it again.

Kyah, you fucking cracka ass honkey motherfucker, sorry about your toe. That really blows. Holla at me about that board. It was really good seeing you again. Glad to see you’re getting involved a little more in the scene again.

Kevin, you need to get off my dick. It’s okay that you want to be like me, but don’t make it so obvious. LOL JK

Colin the fag, glad to see you came out, man. It’s good to see you. I’m glad you’ve found happiness man, that’s some serious shit right there. You two look very happy together. Congrats again on your wife’s pregnancy. You’ll be a great dad.

Jordan, I think from now on you should run the 3s stuff and I should stand by and talk mad shit. That seems to work really well.

Isaac, good to see you again too bro. It’s been a minute. They can’t fuck with the E.M.S. big man crew!

Perry, hit me up on my cell, man. It was cool seeing you again. i’d wondered where you’d ended up.

Sami, good to see you again, man. We’ll talk about those vids.

Eric J. is now known as Dirty Ass Hell. Remember that shit.

“WITH ALL THAT SMACK YOU BE TALKIN’, YOU MIGHT GET A TOE IN THE MOUFFFFFF!” Quote of the tournament. If you weren’t there you just wouldn’t understand.

To everybody else, glad you came. Shit was fun as fuck.

To all my E.M.S. fam and all the ATLiens that showed up, we gotta do this shit again. I really enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces and friends reppin’ the ATL. That was a really good feeling.

Fuck the motherfuckin’ white people.


hey kyah my names spelled Isaac:)
I also have a handle on apex under raekwon187
that new one is fine though.

My shot outs

kyah-ted and company for running a tight tourney as always.
always good to see you guys.

Always good to hang wit my skillmatic bros.

The Aug crew was cool(sora and company). Got to meet others from there too.:smiley:

the chucktown fools were cool as hell. Even mini bean.
sup to wayne

Always a big up to my EMS family . Leigh, you know we keep it hype every tourney. Wit random promises of ass whoopings to ppl.
congrats clint,june, and bane. eric be putttin fools in that water yo.

The charlotte crew - see you guys next month. It was good hanging wit ya.

And if I 4gotcha- I’m sorry mad sleepy now lol.

hope yall coming to final round this year…be ready for surprises:evil:

Kyah… sorry about ur toe… and u were running the tourney w/ a broken toe… if u think about it… that’s some hardcore shit.

Jae… u got me in tag again… but be ready when it’ on console… i won’t get hit by those combos tagging in again… plus,i know u want a rematch in 3s…

Colin… good to see u again man… hit me up on aim

Isaac… keep repping the EMS

Ted… u got to have a gaming night at ur house again… it was fun at the arcade but playing for the matches turned out to be more expensive than i thought…

To the rest of the folks that showed up… it’s good to see all u still supporting the Atlantic south.

Hey kyah when u put my name just put my whole name,don’t put my handle.As for dee just put dee boggess and that’s it.Had a good time.Isaac i’ll get my revenge on oct.11(lol).Nice playing u man.It was great to see some new faces 2.Holla back.

wow, i did crazy bad in MvC2 @_@ but its ok, man 3s only 12 peeps but still mad fun!!!

Pepsi Please :wink: fun hanging with you again always too fun, c u in NC.

My bestfriend! The player or the FORTRESS in SvC OMG too crazy @_@

I ran up your celly for hella long mins j/k

I didn’t really get to meet you guys, but i think i met Chi, u played Alex right? maybe i am wrong holla back on AIM sometime

good cammy, fast strider, crazy storm, and WhiteOwls lol
c u on the 10th

i didn’t get to talk to you much sorry hold in Aug tourney and i will come :slight_smile:

i had fun everyone! ted and kyah always hookin the ATL south up in the SC region


Congrats to the winners, hate I missed it. Sounds like it was a lot of fun.

Ted, the Fayetteville tourney may have taken away a few heads from Anderson 3S, so don’t read too much into the numbers or get too down about them.

Hope to see you all in Charlotte in a couple of weeks.

good shit my niggah isaac:D

Max reppin atl in marvel…good shit good shit

We want vids!! Anyone taped any?

Man it was good seeing y’all peepz again, even though I had to dip and go to work!:frowning:

Watch out for the real life team steroids lol Isaac (Sent.) Leigh (Juggs) Kevin (Hulk) :lol:

Sami I need to kill that whore Chun-Li next time :bluu:

this is “NAM”, name: Nam Nguyen

no one taped anything :frowning: sorry

maybe ATL can make it to one of ted’s gatherings on friday night to play, and have infinite number of matches!


Actually, Josh (Icege) had a camera, but I don’t know what he was taping


he got some random t4 matches and all the 3s finals besides the 1st game

hi im charleston, i suck

and right side stick on 3s was TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO strong…


great job foo’.:cool:

I got some random first round T4 matches, and the 3S finals, minus the first game. I woulda had more, but the only plug I could use was in the floor and people kept breaking it :confused:

Kyah: Sorry we bailed bo. I looked all over for ya’ll but couldn’t see a thing. How’d you break da toe? Hella fun though bo. I didn’t have any problems with 3S on 1P side, but 2P side was awful. I didn’t realize until I was playing A3 casual and couldn’t do d/b. Chi mentioned something about it afterwards. I dunno what was going on with T4. Thems the breaks though. Fun stuff though. Too strong. :smiley:

Ted: Good to meet you, and congratz on second place. My apologies on Chris not coming. I think he’s still trying to go hoggin on Yahoo IM. :confused: Oh, btw, thanks a ton for bringing SvC. I only got to play it as Chun-li when I took someone’s game, but it’s hella badass. Wish I knew the basic gameplay besides d/f+D cheese.

Isaac: You wouldn’t let me play MvC2. Meanie :frowning:

Kevin: Nice MvC2 match, thanks for taking it easy on me and letting me almost win. I almost won a round! But I’ma spazz and did hcf instead of qcf like a numbnuts. You blocked my reset! >_<!

Leigh: Thanks for teaching me how to play the twins and Elena :lol:

Too many smiley faces…

Jason & Dez: You bastards made it! Was great seeing you again Jason, and awesome meeting you in person Dez. Solid Yoshi. Good shit.

ATL: June is too strong. His Hwoarang too good. Clint hayashidas too much. Bane can’t wavedash or JF anymore. Booda’s Ling was sexy. Was cool chilling with ya’ll peeps and meeting the other two. Congratz on dominatin again. Too bad you couldn’t dominate everything. Carolina 23, Atlanta 3. EAT IT!

Wayne: Thanks for riding with us, sorry about no titty bar when we came back :(. Oh, and how’s your ass feel from the Jin vs. Jin at Ron’s? BEEYATCH!

Chi: I won a game of 3S, and MvC2. Then I lost, but STILL advanced in MvC2. I r teh best!

Jordan: Sorry about bailing from A3. I still retire champion though!

Jae: Good job in 3S. I thought you were gonna quit Makoto?

Tourney was alot of fun. I only wish I could’ve gotten used to the sticks before the tourney started. And getting used to them was uber hard also due to the fact that before the tourney started the MvC2 cabinet was set on normal. :bluu:

But all in all I had alot of fun and I would come to another tourney. Hopefully next time erik can come, I would like to see how he would fair.

Everybody I met was cool as hell. Almost didn’t recognize sora without the cat ears. :lol: :lol: