Results: Columbia, SC: CvS2, MvC2, 3s, GGXX, T4, TTT, SC2










What a dominator thread…these guys are monsters:eek:

marvel money?? ahhhhhhh:D


So are there any actual results from this tournament?


The tournament hasn’t happened yet. I’ll make the real thread after the 13th.


Hey yo, FL make take Capcom shit, but VATL (virginia/Atlanta) has selected 1 member to go to the crappy tournament, and win the Namco section of the tourney… thank you… thank you…


No problem, we’re there for capcom, someone has to cover the slow shit.

Although i think a certain top-player is going to make this one very very difficult tourney, i’d only say that about one player…


You really play up that whole “asshole” bit.


Hey Mikey B sweet TAR duuuuude:lol: . Anyways I can see ur spreading the love on other sites now. Hey Mixup im dyin to know who u was referring to on the Namco side. Jackie Tran or WayGamble?? Or a surprise


Fraz- I wish I could come bro!!! Sorrrrrrrrrrryyyy Maaaaaaaaaan!!! :frowning: