Results for 1v1 in place of cancelled Team Tourney!

The Singles tourney that replaced the Clusterfucked Team Tourney.

See my thoughts further here.

Final Bracket

1 The Damned
2 TRD (TheRealDiehl)
3 CyntalanMaelstrom [CUNT]
4 Zen - ??
5 Quiche [QOOCH]
5 Zein - ??
7 KwAza
7 orochi zoolander
9 Septimus Prime
9 SPKen - ??
9 imax - ??
9 UltraDavid
13 Tempest Fox
13 ViciousSlash (Forfeited)
13 leka - ??
13 retro - RetroKid

Congrats to The Damned for going through and winning it from the winner’s bracket. Congrats to newcomer TheRealDiehl who make a very good showing. I both both 1st and 2nd place a month of premium, due to everyone having to deal with all the bullshit today of the fucked team tournament.

I hope the participants post their thoughts/opinions/replays/etc.

Also, congrats to Septimus Prime, who won a match and didn’t go 0-2 (for the first time i think). Musta been the items no doubt :wink:


Hey Guys…

It’s now time for the long awaited Team Tourney!
It will be held on Tuesday, April 8, 2008. Signups and registration start at 6:30PST, and Tourney begins at 7PM PST (or whenever I manage to sneak out of work).

So far, only definite rules are:

Team Attack On

I am considering banning auto scrolling stages (rumble falls, mushroomy)… but not sure yet. You guys have a few days to tell me what you want.
I am also considering a ban on 2 of the same char on a team, feedback please.

A side note, I’m actually considering making this one like… 5 minute matches, SCORE mode, not stock. Like 2/3. With all items on medium. I know they are traditionally stock, but if someone will give me a convincing argument/reasons why its stock and not score, I’d like to hear it.

Anyway, get to putting your requests/team registrations.

If you do not have a teammate tournament night, you will be paired up at random with someone else who does not have a teammate that night.
If you end up alone, you will either get teamed up with me (and I am god damned awful) or just be unable to enter.

Winning team, may or may not get prizes, depending on how I feel.

Get to it.

Still looking for people to convert wii replays into videos.

I would argue that stock mode would add the extra strategy layer of deciding whether or not you want to gang up on a single player at the expense of giving his partner near free reign over the field and its items. If it were score mode, this strategy layer would be much more shallow, as there is no potential pay off of your team being able to eliminate half its competition.

Banning auto-scroll should depend more on the other aspects of the stage (if the scroll is too fast, how likely something on that stage will kill you, etc.) than the scroll itself. Melee tourneys used Rainbow Cruise for a NEUTRAL.

Until there’s an easy no-risk high-reward infinite that hits both players on an opposing team by playing two of the same character, I don’t see a reason why you should ban that.

And one of the main reasons why stock is used instead of time is because getting killed counts against you AND for your opponent, whereas killing yourself counts ONLY against you. This affects two huge situations. One, when you eff up and kill yourself (counts more against you in stock than in time) and, two and MUCH more importantly, when you get to a high percentage and decide you’re fucked (counts more against you in stock than in time). If you up the SD score to -2 when you kill yourself, you solve the 2nd problem but penalize someone SEVERELY for a situation like the first (like if you accidentally right+B off the stage with Fox instead of shine or something).

I think Hogosha and Sep already covered stock, and Hogosha did enough over stages, though I think some specification over the term “auto-scrolling”. We’re talking just Mushroomy, Rumble and Rainbow Cruise, correct? If so, yeah, the only of the three I see that doesn’t warrant a problem is Rainbow Cruise, just because it’s a constant pace and slow at that. Mushroomy’s a fairly slow pace, but the problem I see w/ it is the fact that the stage is rather difficult to maneuver around in spite of its speed to avoid stage death (especially 1-2).

But I digress. I believe me and Tam have an agreement to run a team for Tuesday. So sign us up, unless he says otherwise, anyway.

But in point match, its never 2 on 1. Interesting…

Meh… why must you always schedule these when I work.

i’m down sign me up. i dont have a partner though. so yeah who wants to be the unlucky guy to be on a team with me?

It still turns it into a match of “run off the edge if you’re afraid of death”. Not interesting. Not interesting in the slightest.

Sounds dope but also sounds like lag central…

you gotta remember, its different in brawl

if you have been touched, usually your opponent will get a point if you kill yourself. Believe me, ive played enough random time matches, where ive killed my opponent, only to die by accident and they get a point. They really changed the self destruct system, so just running off and dying to start off fresh isnt always the best idea now.

I’m in. I’m sure I kan find a teammate somewhere. (I really want Tam so we can do a ROB-due team, but he said he already has a partner. I also want Somnus, but experience shows we are a terrible team. I also want VS, but I don’t think he’s gonna show.) Anyone wanna team w/ me?


Hey, so how do you get two people online with one console? I heard this was possible.

Easy. Just press the start button on another controller when you’re making a room.


Oh. Okay. Well, on another note, my partner will be RetroKid.

Hello, i’m new to the site. I’m wondering how the registration would go, like at 8:30 (My time) everyone just comes in here and posts or will there be another way?


You just hop into the IRC channel, which will be set up just for the tourney, and announced in #srkbrawl on efnet

So what time is the tourney EST? thread title is a bi confusing.

Signups at 6:30 PST, 9:30 EST
Start at 7:00 PST, 10:00 PST

Same as all the other tourneys zoo.

This would be 10:00 P.M. EST.

And I can’t believe my post from yesterday didn’t get posted in here. Like I need more going wrong in my life…

Anyway, I’m going to be around tonight unlike I had planned since I feel like crap. So I’m in.

That said, I will say that rescind my idea that Team Attack should be on since it’s on in pretty much every other team tournament…unless we’re not doing this to prove what’s broken, which is possible given the Time Limit matches being over 3 minutes and the scrolling stages being auto-banned.

That said, I think the only scrolling stage that should be auto-banned is probably Rumble Falls. The other two–Mushroomy Kingdom and Rainbow Cruise (and I guess Big Blue kinda)–should stay, at least unless we’re getting rid of the dumber stages before them like Mario Bros. and The Summit and Skyworld.