Results for Masshole Clash 3 at Game Underground in Framingham, MA (6/16/2012)


Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012
1st) AG|MCZ|LuckyD
2nd) RPD|WeakSauc3
3rd) RPD|Noobtron
4th) GDX|TVigilante
5th) kona
7th) RPD|BrawlKarter
Not Cheeseburger
9th) Alex Smith

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
1st) BB|Brendan
2nd) Mr. B Guy
3rd) EMP Thugnificent
4th) Cheeseburger
5th) 10ft. Boss
Plot Armor
7th) BB|Eduardo
9th) AG|MCZ|LuckyD
Alex Smith
13th) EMP Gangstalicious

3rd Strike $1 tournament
1st) Gavin
2nd) AG|MCZ|LuckyD
3rd) PLQ|YDB
4th) GDX|TV
5th) Hayato
7th) Trashburger

[Jun 16, 2012] Massholes Clash III: 3rd Strike (Framingham, MA)
GameUnderGround MAASSSAAACHUUSEETTSSS Framingham Tues/Fri

FOR FUCKS SAKE U GUYS BANNED CRAIG BUT NOT BRIAN??? WTF??? not bad danny…u deserve ice cream


ggs all, it was fun. Also thanks to noobtron for showing me sfxt, pretty fun stuff. See everyone at game on on the 30th.


whats on the 30th? n watch, now that brian has once again cheated his way to top 3 he’ll go back and hide in Montana


there’s a tournament at Game On in Boston. I actually lost the promo thing that was at GU from saturday so maybe one of the Replay’d guys can chime in


i need mo training. it was fun playing marvel again although i sack at it so bad right now. gg



There is going to be a great tournament in Boston on June 30th. It’s on a Saturday at Fenway Park. More importantly the Sox are playing in Seattle at 10PM. So there won’t be anything out of the ordinary crowd wise.
A $200 pot bonus is being split between Marvel and Street Fighter. It will be run on PS3, on ASUS monitors. This is a Pre EVO event and will have tons of hype, so if you’re a fan of fighting games, make room in your schedule. You won’t be disappointed.