Results from CF team battles! NYC BABY!

Ok first things first the GG machine’s buttons kept breaking down. I went to play my match and in the middle of me playing it died. GG tourney was canceled half way through sorry for your expectations to be ruined. :arazz::arazz::arazz::arazz::arazz:

As for 3s it ran smoothly and the results are:

1-Team KJ (Justin Wong and Kofiend) Jwong- Chun li Kofiend- Yang

2-Team Shang shong ma ja hai (Lil kevin and Albert) lil kevin- necro Albert- Yun

3-Team Short hair (Kevin and Eric W) Kevin- Ibuki ERic W.-Ken

I am enforcing a new rule now. If you pay me and I write your team name down and your teammate you CANNOT SWITCH TEAMMATES AT ALL thats it!!!
Show up on time or your not in the tournament. There were complications from last time.

Also to clear up why justin’s team was in the bracket was because i didn’t finish the first bracket and they had a bye. I decided to put them in there because I was still not done with first bracket. For now on I will not allow that to happen because it is unfair to everyone who came early to get to this tournament. :annoy::annoy:

If you do show up to the next one please show up early if possible because I like to host these they are fun and bring more people please tell your friends and spread the joy. :rock::rock:

This team tournament is for fun not for people to be angry. :rock:

As for GG I will speak to henry to fix the GG cab and make things better and same for the 3s machine. :wgrin:

On a side not 3v3 couldn’t happen because not enough people pulled together for it to happen when I was doing registration.

List of people who entered:
Team Shang shong ma ja hai (lil kevin and albert) Necro, Yun
Team Darkness (Makoto Scrub and Kerry) Makoto, Ryu
Team Tolken white guy (Vizard and Darren) Yun, Akuma
Team Old CF (Chino and Helgen X) Oro, Ken
Team AntiFrank (Anti-shoto and Frankie) Alex, Ken
Team Emo scrubs (Derrick and Daemonato) Ken, Yang
Team Justin wong (green tea and Nohohoho) Ken, Alex
Team short Hair (Kevin and Eric W) Ibuki, Ken
Team Youtube (Hose and James) Urien, Oro
Team I don’t give a shit (Henaki and WAROBAMA!!) Ken, Urien
Team Random BK (Adam and Tony) Yun, ken
Team Fucking BLOwjob! (Flare and Quotes) Ryu, Makoto
Team Let’s win (Youongee and Sam) Ken, Yang
Team Cock Meat sandwich (Bob and Kesh) Urien, dudley
Team RED (Boris and Ernesto) Chunli, Akuma
Team FUck (Tinshi and Marvel player) Oro, Ken

Feel free to correct me about these characters people used and names or whatever.:rolleyes:

Speak people let me know what you guys wanna do 3v3 for sure next time or what? Or stick with 2v2? Or do you guys want me to do singles? SPEAK PEOPLE!!!:looney:

Shouts to the marvel player that helped me get through the tournament. Everyone for coming out being a great crowd and cooperating with me. I appreciate everyone coming out to these please keep coming with more people, we must be in unison people.

:sad: My man Flare didn’t come top 3? I blame Quotes. :sad:

GG players: Next time.

Y’all gon get scRAPED.

wow justin still brings the heat. i wanna play in the next one of these but im a jersey boy with no 3s friends to be my teammate.

Had fun despite losing to albert on sum b.s…maybe we shuld run singles 4 next time…ranbat nikkas!!!:rock:
but if we decide on runnin teamz again…team Antifrank will make a comeback!!!:tup:

GG didn’t happen because of the cab but I’m pretty sure that’s going to be the last time that’ll happen.

We had more people for GG this time so it wasn’t so bad.

You should’ve put me on your team if you didn’t have a partner Tinshi. I wanted to play 3S. ):

Well damn Alzarath ;-;…

Hop in #eastcoast3s on, us Jersey people have gatherings almost every other day and you can contact me on there for info.

I vote we keep the teams 2v2, there’s not enough players yet for 3v3.

I need more votes for singles 3v3 or 2v2 LET ME KNOW People POST DAMMIT!!

Oh singles is an option? Let’s go with that then.

im never playing ken on sticks i cant use again also my computer is semi-broken right now.

and i only changed my team because WAROBAMA was late to the parade, anakron got his money back so it really doesnt matter.

you going down next time xaqshinor!!!

WAROBAMA posting under BACARDI’s account

D: @ henaki, we can team again next time you can have urien :pray:

omg nuuuuuuu D;.

WAROBAMA sounds like a digimon.

tinshi can tyrant slaughter/aegis urien qualify as different characters? they basically are.

also next time can we try single match double elim? might be an interesting (and more exciting) change of pace. you can bust out all your tricks with a safety net.

XAQ: come to marlins house sometime dammit!!!

SINGLES!!! oh and btw that marvel player’s name iz eric arroyo aka smoothviper
lmao team youtube, urien player iz jose not hose XD

Host another tourney soon and make it 3v3.

Soon… as in a week or two from now so I can join again :smiley:

Didn’t go to the last one because it was rainy and my friend convinced me not to.

SINGLES!! Every MAN for himself.


I Agree With Singles.

When would you guys like the next one to take place?