***Results in** Tvc Tournament at Dockingbay


well its been awhile but we have finally managed to get our tournaments at docking bay back on schedule. the tournaments are for TvC and we will have at least one casual SF4 set up. we will have few ps2/gc converters along with two MAS ps2 sticks for those who don’t have their own.

when: jan 26th. i will be setting up around noon. casual tourney at 5pm one dollar buy in at 8pm
where: http://www.dockingbay93.com/

if you have any other questions feel free to post.

Docking Bay 93 - Our Tournaments go REAL DEEP.

(Like Mt. Vernon deep)


TvC is fun as hell.

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the tournament and made it so fun. here is your tournament results

Top 3 Players

Casual Tournament:

  1. Shin Neferio (ryu/roll)
  2. Ethan (saki/tekka blade)
  3. Fathom (ken/ryu)

Buy-in Tournament:

  1. Shin Neferio (ryu/megaman)
  2. Paulee (ryu/yatterman 1)
  3. Filter Page (ken/tekkablade)

Only 3 people showed up?

no those are the top 3 players