Results of CvS2 spanish tournament

Here are the results of the CvS2 Spanish tournament:
1-God ken(K-groove:Chun-li or Blanka, Cammy and Sagat)
2-Jeremy Garcia(C-groove:Terry, Guile or Joe and Ryu)
3-Antonio gonazalez(C-groove:Terry?,Iori and Ken)

there are street fighter tournaments in spain?:eek: is there much competition? do you play alpha3 and 3dstrike?

Yeah, come to Paris foo’! :slight_smile:

Yo France I saw your MvC2 footage and all i have to say is YOU CAN DO BETTER THEN THAT GUYS!!! I see your intense rushdown in 2d game then i see you play MvC2 and its not that great! Remember with cable bait assist and ahvb it dont wait for your oppenent to attack with assist!

No one knows how to play nor likes MvC2 here, so the level probably won’t get any better anytime soon. But thanks for the tip I guess (although I don’t play the game either).

I play too SFA3 and SF3 third impact. In SFA3 i am very good i won the only tournament i played(in 2000)without lost a match. I watch videos of SFA3 european players and i think that i can beat some top european players(except V-Ryu,Jimmy). In SF3 3rd impact i am not very good, well i finihed the game in level 8, but i am not very good like in CvS2 and SFA3 and i cant do anything agaist beasts like Wael or Walid.
Spain dont have much competition(1 or 2 tourneys by year) this is not like Paris, but i know interesting people on the last tournament. This people have a magazine(Gamestech) and internet page( in the forums of this page we will organize tourneys with people like Shinobi, Master combo, Ikuze, Chele, Iori 00 or me. In the arcade section you will find a CvS2 section. I will inform you of the next tourneys and i hope you do the same.

Hey God Ken

Where did the tourney take place?

Great news that u making tourneys in Spain! Do u make 3S tourneys as well? Its the only game i can defend myself:confused:

Now i cant, but when i was in Spain i found out that it was almost impossible to get a copy of CvS2 since most shops have no more DC games any more! do u know any place there where u know i can buy one?

When i get back to Spain we will meet someday!

Yo people dont chill this days.The way Godken won cause he chilled.unlike the other guys so chill

P.S.CVS2 sucks so bad

It was in salon del manga de Barcelona and we will have 3rd strike tourneys too. I saw your post of 3rd strike two or 3 months ago and i wrote you a private message to meet you to play against because your location was Zaragoza and i am from Pamplona, very near. When you come back to Spain? I reccomend you to past to forums of here you can find great players, there is a section of tourneys and quedadas.