RESULTS of EVO Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Side Tournaments: Singles+2 vs. 2 (7/19-7/20)

2 vs. 2
6 teams entered…

1st: Team Broken-Ass Shit = ll.nd (PTX-40A) & RoyalFlush (Ippatsuman/Polymar)
2nd: Team Yaris/Truegamer = Truegamer (Ryu/Chun-li) & Yaris (Karas/Tekkaman)
3rd: Team Midwest = Keits (Jun/Tekkaman) & Kurasa (Doronjo/Chun-li)
4th: Team Random = Jessie (Alex/Morrigan) & Jose (Ryu/Chun-li)
5th: Team TM Revolution = Marus (Saki/Ryu) & Devil Tron (Jun/Morrigan)
6th: Team Gotcha!/ShadowSwords = Gotcha! (Ryu/Rock) & ShadowSwords (Jun/Batsu)

22 players were signed up, but several DQ’ed for various absence reasons…

1st: ll.nd (PTX-40A)
2nd: RoyalFlush (Ken/Polymar, Saki/Tekkaman)
3rd: Yaris (Karas/Ryu, Karas/Tekkaman)
4th: Rayzyrbyrn (Viewtiful Joe/Ryu)
5th (tie): Kurasa (Doronjo/Chun-li) [DQ’ed] & jimmy1200 (Karas/Chun-li, Rock/Chun-li)
7th (tie): Truegamer (Ryu/Chun-li) & Devil Tron (Jun/Morrigan)
9th (tie): Jose (Ryu/Chun-li), Servbot (Ryu/Chun-li) [DQ’ed], Josh Ballard (PTX-40A???) [DQ’ed)
11th (tie): psychochronic (PTX-40A), Lee Chun (???/???) [DQ’ed], & shin nefario [Ryu/Tekkaman] [DQ’ed]
13th (tie): Marus (Ryu/Saki) & CGC Grayfox (Ryu/Tekkaman)
Signed up, but DQ’ed due to abscence for whole tournament: Justin Wong, Keits, Marn

Videos of both tournaments were recorded (but not every single match) and will be uploaded soon.

Afterthoughts: Organizing the tournaments definitely was a different experience for me. It didn’t occur to me how difficult it was going to get a hold of all players when I didn’t have all of their numbers; some of the players I was just met for the first time were easy to recognize from the start, but other players were so difficult to find in the packed room.

2 vs. 2 got on to a rough start. Beginning with Pokemon style format, under the advisement of Keits and Kurasa, we followed a team format that mimicked that of the EVO SFIV 5-on-5 that same night. It turned out to work quite well and the tournament went on with few problems. We finished by around 6PM.

Singles was a different story – Many people signed up, but several people were DQ’ed because they never showed up and/or were occupied with a different tournament game that getting a hold of them would be a hassle. Many matches were put on hold for a long time until I finally realized that delaying the games would do us no good if we wanted to get this done by the end of the night. Several people signed up and paid had to be DQ’ed by choice or for personal reasons. By the end of night, we still had 6 matches to go until we were kicked out by EVO staff to prepare for the SFIV 5-on-5. The second match of Rayzyrbyrn vs. Devil Tron was interrupted and shut down before it was even over, but I, defending the integrity my own tournament, was able to get the match between Kurasa vs. Truegamer to come a conclusion before we were all forced to leave the room. Afterward, it was then agreed upon that we would finish the tournament the following day in the afternoon. The final few matches were quietly finished in my hotel room. Much of the pot consisted of donations of players who had their name in the bracket, but couldn’t get around to playing in tournament because of other obligations.

In closing, I’m glad that I was able to get these tournaments to get up and running, but there are so many things that could have been done to make it perfect (which it was far from). Aside from difficulty of getting a hold of players, resources we not easily available, the most important being allowed to freely use the intercom system. Probably the most disheartening thing about the tournament was that I was unable to get Justin Wong and Marn to enter and play against us. I felt that many of us had trained to play against them, only to see that my tournament was heavily overshadowed by games of a larger magnitude: MvC2 and SFIV. I can’t help but blame EVO for axing TvC from the original EVO lineup and the aftereffects that attributed to the turnout of the TvC side tournaments.

However, I’m glad that with Capcom’s U.S. TvC booth at EVO for all three days that TvC may still have a chance at being at next year’s EVO. It seems that many players enjoyed what they played and saw; all I can hope for is that the U.S. gives TvC a chance, buys the game, learns to pick it up, and take the time to understand the mechanics. If the game picks up the same or greater popularity that it had when people wished the game came to the US, then maybe EVO may actually consider adding it to the lineup.

I will continue to do all that I can to ensure that this game does not die out with shame. It really is not as bad of a game as most people think that it is, deserves to be played by all, and given the respect that it is worthy of.

-RoyalFlush of the SoCal Tatsunoko vs. Capcom scene

in that shit all day. as i probably wont get an invite, since i havent posted videos since it came out, and aint no tournies in lv really, plus real life outweighs getting a tourney together out here, so i can dominate these scrubs.

Who the hell are u? hahahahha.

someone who just moved out here a few months back. who the hell are you?

I’d be interseted in this. :slight_smile:

Hell I’d even bring a Wii with TVC to help for the cause.

-EX :cool:

Good to see some interest. I’ll definitely bring my Wii with TvC to EVO and help run this thing.

I want to hear what some East Coast people think about this side-tournament idea.

what happen to this game…? not gonna be in EVO… dam

It’s an invitational, only 64 people will be in it.

But a side tourney would be great none of the less.

-EX :cool:

Royalflush you need any help with this, let me know

lol is it that hard to check for a Vegas thread? Put your money where your mouth is. Please do grace us scrubs with your presence some day. :tup:

I wouldnt mind trying the game. Haven’t gotten a chance to try it but would love to.

its not hard. i just never cared. we can bet it come evo. ill update in the vegas thread when the time comes, for whoever wants to challenge.

you mad cause im stylin on you

Me? Nah, I don’t play this stupid game, but we got people that do and I’m sure they won’t mind taking your money if you really want. In any game, really. Just post up on that thread in advance, we hold weekly tournaments that most of the town shows up to. No real effort involved man.

how do i get this game do i have to order it online because i cant find it anywhere.

yeah, you need to order it online, and then hack your wii. the wii hack is easy as breathing though

Google product search?

For now, I’ll just tally a head count and post names in the first post.

U gotta ask who am I? Pffttttt u must be real good if u don’t know me ;).

edit : I don’t play this game.

but im sayin, why would i know you. im from maryland, been there for over 2 decades. why would i know you. i mean, you can drop some accomplishments on me, and maybe ill recognize you, but i dont know nothin bout no ruin, or any bosses out in vegas. you still mad cause i styled on your city.

you dont even play the game, and most people who were playing it, dropped it anyways, so you need to go walk it out somewhere else. just lurkin and shit. you an srk og, why you in here starting trouble. LOL!

i guess its still early, but this tvc side joint should be cool beans, and will work out well

I was in Vegas a couple of weeks ago, and played Trophy Club (Used Karas and Ryu). Hopefully, he’ll be down to join in on the side tournament.