Results of Evo


what did you guys think of evo? what do you think it showed us as far as characters and what hd remix has done for them? (ex. not as many sagots) but what other things did you find surprising in terms of characters and how often they were picked and how well they did?


I’m beginning to think shotos are weak. :wow:


Fei long is pretty good.

Sirlin didn’t lose to a honda the entire weekend.


And Sirlin won a game Cammy vs. Rog. He really did his job and proved that HDR deserves the official evo tournament slot.


Why? There were 3 shotos (Choi, Valle and Damdai) in the top 8, and 2 Boxers. I think this tells us that shotos are pretty good.


That’s not too hard for Cammy, its a match I’m personally comfortable with. I actually came REALLY close to stealing one from afro legends some weeks ago, but Sirlin has somewhat proved that Cammy is better than we think. However…she still sucks. Still, the dominant characters at EVO 2k9 definitely reflect the tier standings.

'Gratz to afro legends.

EDIT: @ the shots comment. Ryu and Akuma definitely dominate. I was actually most surprised at a lack of Vega.


Oh god, please stop.

The Honda’s took them out in the early rounds. :wgrin:


the ken’s did too :sad:


Yeah, stop saying that Cammy sucks, Norieaga. Take it from a Honda player, Sirlin won a match with her, that means she’s good. :confused:


i think evo inspired everyone on my friends list to start playing street fighter iv. training mode and challenge rooms.


How hard is it to spell Sagat? Seriously, this is the fourth or so “Sagot” I have seen. Unless it’s an O. Sagat reference, in which it’s terrible.

Evo HD Remix was actually really interesting and varied, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Nearly every character had a representative, and the hype was good.

I expect a bigger showing for it next year, as well as an increase in matches played online for a while.


I know right? I’ve changed my thoughts on Fei Long having his best move ruined and now I think he’s the best!


What the fuck is up with all these people saying that their mains suck? I love you and all in a non homosexual way Noriega and you’ve had me turning red from laughing at a lot of your posts, but cmon dude, you’re better than that. If you think Cammy sucks, then move onto someone else. The whole point in using a character is because you believe in that character. Cammy isn’t that bad. I have a hard time against her with anyone that I use.


cammy is notoriously weak and norieagas comment was quick and painless…not like some others who complain about their mains. no foul i say…


Did you also see Sirlin steamroll over people in the pools and semis using almost nothing but Fei Long? If not, I should mention that quite a few of them were using Honda. Fei is force to be reckoned with if you use him right.

I personally think that every character in the menu is a tournament viable choice. In HDR, it’s mostly about your skills, not your character choice. I’ve seen people in this, and similar threads, mention losing to TOP players (Afrolegends, DGV, etc) as “proof” that these supposedly underpowered characters aren’t viable. But that’s simply not a good gauge. The top players would probably win regardless of which character other people choose.

On a separate note, I thought this years Evo finals were great and were a lot of fun to watch! Seeing Fei and Cammy winning matches was really cool. Seeing an old school XBL player win it was really cool, as was seeing a new school Honda make top 8. And I didn’t miss O.Sagat or Vega wall dive spam a bit. It was good stuff!


is this match jason cole vs damdai

i recorded it but i was to stupid to remember and i posted it hear because it was mentioned that damdai plays shotos (ken) as we all saw but was this him as honda?


That wasnt damdai, that was someone else.


That was thelo


I think the variety of characters that placed shows just how balanced HDR really is, and sirlins work with Fei shows truly how much better he is now then people give him credit for. Doesn’t prove he’s top tier by any stretch, but certainly proves he’s a viable tournament pick. If he’s still bottom tier the tiers have clearly been compressed so much that the difference between top tier and bottom tier are pretty negligible now.

Nothing was really proven about cammy though, outside of Sirlin I didn’t see any videos of her being used victoriously and as I understand it Sirlin only used her as a counter pick for boxers since I’m guessing boxer gives his Fei some trouble and Cammy is one of the best counter picks to boxer now thanks to his HDR nerfs and her HDR cannon drill buff. A counter pick character is pretty much all she was used successfully for in ST as well (some liked to counter pick her against dhalsims) so her usefulness doesn’t seem to have really changed. With Fei’s ascension you might argue that she’s all by her lonesome in bottom tier now but one tournament is not really enough to make any accurate commentaries on the new tiers. For all we know Sirlin could come back next year and run cammy as his main and fei as his counter pick for hondas.

Anyway the EVO showing was great, definitely fun to watch, and hopefully will pave the way for only greater things to come in the future for HDR.


I think HDR could still use some tweaks to achieve the ultimate level of balance, but unfortunately I doubt Capcom will be investing any more time it.