Results of major Japanese tournaments across time?

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in this. Basically, we could combine our efforts to create a historical record of sorts by giving detailed results of important Japanese 3s tournaments, as well as any highlights and other interesting notes.

I’ll do the 1st Cooperation Cup top 12, for starters. Any “???” in player names indicates kanji that I can’t read or don’t recognize from videos and such. Anyway, here we go:

Tournament: 1st Cooperation Cup

Style: 5-on-5 team tournament

Location: Beat Tribe

Date: April 28, 2002

Turnout: 37 teams


  1. Tokido (Urien)/Nuki (Chun)/Joe (Ken)/Match (Akuma)/Xiao (Ibuki)

  2. K.O (Yun)/Boss (Yang)/J (Makoto)/Hitotsume (Ken)/Ryo-chin (Remy)

3a. Meta (Chun)/Pledge (Yang)/Tsubo (Yun)/Totomu (Akuma)/Nagano (Ken)
-Lost to 2nd place team

3b. Ayu (Chun)/Kanimajin (Alex)/Ochibi (Yun)/Danna (Dudley)/Masaki (Chun)
-Lost to 1st place team

5a. Spellmaster J (Ken)/Onanism (Urien)/Erotic Teacher Okumoto (Dudley)/AFM (Chun)/??? Inoue (Urien)
-Lost to 1st place team

5b. Chemuru (Makoto)/OJI (Yun)/Yukino (Chun)/Tama (Oro)/??? (Ken)
-Lost to team 3a

5c. Nitto (Yun)/Riki (Q)/Ikeda (Urien)/Remio (Remy)/Suteki (Dudley)
-Lost to 2nd place team

5d. KFG (Ken)/178 (Dudley)/Nomoto (Akuma)/Ruu (Yun)/ZON (Chun)
-Lost to team 3b

9a. Fujiwara (Dudley)/ofc (Akuma)/Georgia (Ryu)/OK (Ryu)/Pistachio (Twelve)
-Lost to team 5b

9b. Kunihiro (Urien)/Hayao (Hugo)/Deku (Yun)/??? (Akuma)/??? (Ken)
-Lost to team 5d

9c. FAQ (Q)/Gottsu (Oro)/Hiro (Chun)/Eroho (Hugo)/Yamamoto (Hugo)
-Lost to 1st place team

9d. Gohan (Oro)/BAB (Urien)/OLDMAN (Makoto)/Choko (Dudley)/Kuni (Oro)
-Lost to team 5c


  • Yes, Ruu apparently used to play Yun, wasn’t too bad either!

  • Ayu OCVed KFG’s team.

  • The only match Nuki lost (at least in the top 12 portion) was to J in the finals. He OCVed the double-Hugo team.

  • Tokido NEVER lost a match (again, in top 12, though I doubt he or Nuki would’ve lost in the pools). He OCVed the Beat Tribe (5a) team, though Match and Xiao lost to the Inoue guy before he came in.

  • Speaking of which, there were quite a few DAMN good Uriens I’ve never seen anywhere else besides this tourney…the Inoue guy (he switched to Dudley for 2nd Coop Cup, sucked in the one match he had to play), Kunihiro (ran through most of KFG’s team, before KFG himself took out the remainder of their team), and Ikeda (beat most of the double-Oro team, defeated Hitotsume and Boss in the match his team eventually lost). What’s the deal here?

  • The Yamamoto in team 9c may be recognized by some of you as the same Yamamoto who dominated the Tokushima SBO2 qualifier.

  • Yes, the Kuni in team 9d is THE Kuni. He gets utterly destroyed by Ikeda in the one match they show of his, though. =P

  • Remio defeated Ryo-chin in what I think may be the only Remy mirror match ever put on video. Everyone was chanting his name before it started, it was pretty funny. =)

  • If you’re wondering how they can have ties for 5th and 9th in a 12-team single-elimination bracket, the answer is that four teams got first-round byes. Those four were teams 2, 3a, 3b, and 5a. I have no idea how this was determined, it REALLY doesn’t seem random given the quality of these teams.

  • They somehow narrowed the initial 37 teams down to 30 (probably by putting some of them in a single-elimination bracket, ala Coop3), and put them into 10 round-robin pools of 3 teams each. The winner of each pool went on to the 12-team stage, while the 2nd-place teams in each pool had to go through another stage to get there. Specifically, each of these teams picked one player, and those players were placed into two single-elimination “playoff” brackets. The winner of each bracket had his team move on to the top 12.

  • The two playoff winners were Nitto, who owned a Makoto player named Tono in the bracket’s finals, and KFG, who earned his team the spot by defeating Mester in a match which is apparently still quite famous in Japan. Was it supposed to be the biggest upset ever or something? I’ve never seen anything of KFG prior to this tournament, while Mester was always a huge name…

  • Besides Mester’s team, the only other notable one I know of that didn’t make top 12 was YSB’s team. They actually finished last in their pool, and thus were eliminated right off the bat…dunno who else was with him.

  • Mopreme was actually in this tournament, he wins the very first match shown on the DVD (thanks to BillyKane for this factoid). His team finished 2nd in its pool and must’ve lost in the playoffs somewhere along the line…I don’t know who else was on his team.

AWARDS (as shown on the DVD):

MVP: Tokido (no surprise there)

Most tournament wins by an individual player: KFG (11, dunno if the playoff win counted or not)

Best Bout: K.O vs. Tokido (the final match of the tournament, I totally agree with this one)

??? (can’t read, it’s some individual award): KFG

OCV’s: Besides the ones I mentioned, these players all OCVed teams in the pools:

  • Ayu (yes, that is two OCVs for him, I am guessing he either never played or never won in any of his other matches because that alone puts him 1 win behind KFG)

  • Boss

  • K.O

  • ??? (some Chun player whose name consists of four kanji)

  • Meta

  • Yamamoto

  • The Inoue guy from Beat Tribe

  • Match

  • KFG

  • Nuru (a Yun player on Mester’s team)

  • ??? (the Akuma player on Kunihiro’s team, beats Yamacof’s Dudley in one of the pool highlights)

So, whaddya think? I’d greatly appreciate it if anyone can translate the kanji stuff I can’t understand…


Alright, now I’ll do the 2nd Coop Cup since there isn’t a whole lot to it (top 8 for results).

Tournament: 2nd Cooperation Cup

Style: 5-on-5 team tournament

Location: Game-Newton

Data: November 10, 2002

Turnout: 13 teams


  1. Spellmaster J (Ken)/Onanism (Urien)/Meta (Chun)/Hitotsume (Ken)/??? Inoue (Dudley)

  2. Chemuru (Makoto)/Xiao (Ibuki)/Yukino (Chun)/Danna (Dudley)/Chofu (Ken)

3a. Mester (Yun)/Ryo-chin (Remy)/Deshi (Alex)/Sochou (Urien)/??? (Ken)
-Lost to 1st place team

3b. Sekido (Yang)/Aruka (Ibuki)/Pledge (Yang)/Tsubo (Yun)/Nat-chan (Ken)
-Lost to 2nd place team

5a. OSH (Alex)/G (Makoto)/Machaaki (Ken)/Namijin (Twelve)
-Lost to team 3a

5b. TK (Q)/YSB (Hugo)/Soma (Ken)/Sawaguchi (Yun)/happy (Alex)
-Lost to 2nd place team

5c. K.O (Yun)/Pierre (Urien)/Kanimajin (Alex)/OTB (Yun)/Masaki (Chun)
-Lost to team 3b

5d. Boss (Yang)/Raoh (Chun)/Match (Akuma)/178 (Dudley)/Nitto (Yun)
-Lost to 1st place team


  • I don’t know how they narrowed things down to 8 teams. It said something about there being 4 pools and something like the top 2 from each composing the overall top 8…but then how does that explain RX playing against Arakure (Dudley player) and neither of their teams making the top 8?

  • Yes, in case you haven’t fully realized it yet, a team featuring arguably the best Urien in Japan did not make the top 8 in a 13-team tournament.

  • Yes, team 5a is indeed a 4-man team. Think about this…a freaking FOUR-MAN TEAM, with literally NOBODY I’ve ever heard of, gets in the top 8 while RX doesn’t. How…<LewisBlack>HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT HAPPEN?!?</LewisBlack>

  • Speaking of Boss’s team…look at it, LOOK AT THAT TEAM, and wonder why in the BLOODY HELL they weren’t in the finals. Then realize that they got Beat Tribe in the first round, and cry.

  • Hitotsume OCVed Mester’s team.

  • Once Beat Tribe got past Boss’s team, the rest was a cakewalk. Everybody on that team except for the Inoue dude had his moment in the sun…Hitotsume I just mentioned, Meta took out a good portion of Boss’s team, Spellmaster J defeated Boss and Match to eliminate their team, and the finals was all about Onanism. Would’ve been damn near impossible to pick an MVP if they had given awards this time…

  • As I mentioned in my 1st Coop Cup writeup, the Beat Tribe Inoue guy switched from Urien to Dudley somewhere between these two tournaments. NOT at all a good move IMO…the guy was a hell of a Urien, and in his one match here as Dudley he got raped by Boss.

  • Overall, the biggest highlight of this tournament for me, by far, was the performance of all of the Yang players, especially Sekido. His win over K.O to eliminate his team would’ve gotten my vote as Best Bout, and he beat most of the 2nd place team (their last man, Xiao, took him and his team out). He is the only Yang I’ve ever seen who uses both SA2 and 3 frequently and very well…Boss almost always uses 2, everyone else always plays 3 from what I’ve seen. Speaking of Boss, he defeated three members of Beat Tribe, in a very impressive fashion, but Spellmaster J proved to be too much for him (and teammate Match). And the third Yang featured on here, Pledge, scored some key wins against K.O’s team. He is right up there with Sekido for SA3 mastery in my view…

  • I think the “zoom in on the arcade machine” technique they used in the intro was really cool, and they should use it again sometime. =)

  • Overall this tournament was hugely disappointing compared to the first one IMHO. There was nowhere near as much star power or memorable moments, and I’m sure the turnout had to be a downer. I’m guessing Beat Tribe themselves feel the same way, considering that Coop 3 wasn’t held until about a year after this one, and that in the pamphlet for that tournament they show some statistics from Coops 1 and 3 but not 2. Also note the lack of detail in the DVD for this one compared to the first (no qualifying/pool data, no awards).

'Tis all, 'tis all.


at the time of coop2, i think onanism was still the best Urien in japan…

then RX leveled up, onanism stopped practicing (my guess)

good thread… keep it up!

moop: Yep, that sounds about right. Still surprised me that RX wasn’t in top 8, but then shit happens…

Paulee: Thanks for the positive response. I was actually afraid people would go “Who the fuck cares about all this old shit?” Nice to see that hasn’t been the case yet…

OK, next up, the Kyushu Taikai singles tournament! Top 16 included in the results…

Tournament: Kyushu Taikai

Style: Singles tournament

Date: August 2, 2003

Location: ??? Subculture (there’s a bunch of kanji before it)

Turnout: 87 people


  1. Georgia (Ryu)

  2. ZON (Chun)

  3. Y.Y (Alex)
    -Lost to Georgia

  4. Ushi!? (Urien)
    -Lost to ZON, and to Y.Y in the 3rd place match

5a. Munakata (Dudley)
-Lost to Ushi!?

5b. Ocha (Yun)
-Lost to Y.Y

5c. Ruu (Ryu)
-Lost to Georgia

5d. Takami (Ken)
-Lost to ZON

9a. K.N (Ken)
-Lost to Ushi!?

9b. Goemon (Ken)
-Lost to Takami

9c. MK-10000 (Dudley)
-Lost to ZON

9d. Kenji (Chun)
-Lost to Ruu

9e. E.K (Akuma)
-Lost to Ocha

9f. RED (Ibuki)
-Lost to Georgia

9g. Messatsu Yarou (Urien)
-Lost to Y.Y

9h. RX (Urien)
-Lost to Munakata


  • I have no idea how they determined the top 16. Probably something involving round-robin pools like usual, but I dunno.

  • Among the most notable players who did not make the top 16 were Pino AB7, Aruka, and KFG. Each of them is shown losing one match in the qualifier highlights: Pino to Jubei (SA2 Ryu), Aruka to KUMA (SA3 Yang), and KFG to Y.Y.

  • A lot of great players from the team tournament seem to not have entered this. Probably could only afford to stay for one day…

  • Georgia used Denjin in the finals and didn’t lose a round, which is damn funny if you ask me. The only guys who really gave him a hard time were RED, who perfected him in the first round but lost anyway, and Y.Y, who also won the first round but lost the next two.

  • ZON is quite underrated IMO, probably because he doesn’t pop up in videos too often. He’s on that level right below AFM/Ayu/etc., I think. And for the record, his qualifier match against Ozeking (Necro) is a must-see just for the 3rd round. I think Karathrow had it up at one point…

  • Speaking of must-sees, everything involving Y.Y falls under that category. This guy is definitely up there with KSK IMHO…in particular, note how he completely destroys KFG and two elite Uriens. Maybe he just doesn’t travel much or something, because he’s not in SBO and he wasn’t anywhere to be found in Coop 3.

  • Ushi and RX are clearly the two best Uriens now, in my view, and neck-and-neck with each other. How RX got beaten (and fairly easily, too) by Munakata boggles my mind, unless I just chalk it up to luck. AFAIK, these are the only videos on the net featuring Ushi and will be unless someone rips the Coop 3 DVD.

  • Takami seems to be just another above-average Ken, not quite as good as say Soma or Mokomokofu. Same with Munakata compared to Danna or someone like that. All the other top 16 guys you haven’t heard of generally fall into a similar category or are a tad weaker than that.

That’s it for now,

great stuff Josh!

but I was wondering… how come there’s no sign of umehara, izu, ksk? they didn’t attend? or did they get eliminated early?

also, it would be very interesting if you could find results to earlier tournaments…
like, did they ever had a singles national tournament?

Also, I keep earing that Boss is considered the best among japanese players themselves.
I haven’t much footage of him; what I’ve seen is impressive indeed, but I wondered if he ever won a major tournament.

Is Joe from the coop1 finals the same v-karin joe from japan vs usa 2000? (actually I asked that when the vid of the final came out, but I don’t remember the answer, lol)

what about SBO full results?

Yes, it was the same JOE.

Good shit Josh.

Good fucking shit Josh

The guy who u mentioned switching from Urien to Dudley, isnt that Erotic Teacher? I think he was the guy that was on K.O’s team at SBO, along with Boss. I always get him confused with Danna, cuz they use the same color…
whos the red Dudley that beat RX in the preliminary matches?

My favorite match from Coopcup2 has to be Chemuru vs Tsubo?


While I’m at it, I’ll cover the Kyushu Taikai team tournament as well! This time it’s top 10 for results.

Tournament: Kyushu Taikai

Style: 3-on-3 team tournament

Date: August 3, 2003

Location: ??? Subculture (there’s a bunch of kanji before it)

Turnout: 30 teams


  1. Nomoto (Akuma)/Kenji (Chun)/Disk (Yun)

  2. 178 (Dudley)/Soma (Ken)/Sawaguchi (Yun)

  3. RX (Urien)/Roshi Hikari(?) (Yang)/??? (Q)
    -Lost to 1st place team

  4. Aruka (Ibuki)/Mokomokofu (Ken)/MK-10000 (Dudley)
    -Lost to 2nd place team, and to RX’s team in 3rd place match

5a. ??? (Oro)/Yamada (Urien)/KUMA (Yang)
-Lost to 4th place team

5b. RED (Ibuki)/Dot (Akuma)/Tsumun (Remy)
-Lost to 1st place team

7a. Jubei (Ryu)/Sanyou (Dudley)/Ozeking (Necro)
-Lost to 1st place team

7b. EBI (Elena)/Maru (Alex)/Kitakou (Hugo)
-Lost to 4th place team

7c. Pino AB7 (Necro)/??? (Dudley)
-Lost to 2nd place team

7d. KFG (Ken)/Ushi!? (Urien)/BEE (Chun)
-Lost to 3rd place team


  • I don’t know how they did it for qualifiers. Think it said something about there being 4 pools with 7 teams each, not really sure though.

  • If you’re wondering how the results look as uneven as they do, the answer is that a 10-team bracket is just plain ugly. Two teams (the two 5th place teams) got first-round byes, while two other teams (the 2nd and 3rd place ones) got second-round byes. These seem to have been picked randomly.

  • A lot of the top placers in the singles tournament seem to be nowhere to be found here. Maybe they could only afford to stay one day…

  • One interesting team that didn’t make it into top 10 was Gohan’s. In case you don’t know who he is, he was the Oro player in Coop 1 who got a perfect against Ikeda’s Urien. I think he is second only to Dirty Music…anyway, he is shown in the highlights losing as close a match as can be against a Hugo named Koba.

  • Here’s a list of OCVs in the top 10 portion, with the player name followed by the team he did it to in parentheses:

Kenji (team 7a)
Aruka (team 7b)
RX (team 7d)
Mokomokofu (team 5a)
Nomoto (3rd and 2nd place teams)

  • RX got all but one of the total wins for his team (Roshi Hikari won one in the 3rd place match).

  • The only match Nomoto lost was to RED. He carried his team through the last two rounds, and is arguably the best Akuma now…note that his team (which also included his teammates here, as well as Mokomokofu and Ushi) got 2nd at Coop 3.

  • Mokomokofu, as I’ve probably mentioned before, is just a damn solid Ken. He beat 178 in their match, but lost to Sawaguchi.

  • Another player who impressed me was Kitakou. He beat Aruka in the qualifiers, but just barely lost to him in the top 10 portion. He plays SA1 and stole YSB’s color. =P Seems like another one who doesn’t travel a lot, hm.

  • I don’t know how I forgot this one…178 beat Aruka in the tournament, with SA2. Yes, SA2. He won both his rounds with the low strong into super link. This match also showed off the fact that if you parry her f+roundhouse, you get a free sweep. =)

OK, enough Kyushu for one day,

Nope, this guy is not Erotic Teacher, they were both on the Beat Tribe team in Coop 1, while Danna (who was the Dud on K.O’s team in SBO1) was on Ayu’s team in that tournament.

Anyone know something I don’t regarding who this guy is?


Arakure. That is literally the only video I have ever seen of him. shrug

And again, everyone, thanks for the positive responses! =)


awesome shit, u dont know how much this means to ppl =)

hmm i see DISK using yun… i remember him in the ryu vs dudley tourney… he took out 6 dudleys or so? then one dudley won about 20 consecutive round if im correct… i hate it that i cant read kanji… but my guess its fujiwara X_x he uses SA1… but he has the red outfit… doesnt fujiwara has the pink one? i dunno

arakure? i though hes playing chun now? or its orakuro or something… but something like that? i dont remember him

again: thnx alot josh =)

Yo this is a good thread man, I don’t know a lot of these players you have mentioned, seems like japan is full of upcoming bad ass players left, right and centre.

keep the results and highlights and stuff coming man, good stuff.:slight_smile:

izu doesn’t enter that many tournaments cuz he’s not around that area i think…

daigo doesn’t cuz… who knows. Probably concentrating on GGXX or something. He did enter Coop3 but for some reason didn’t even attempt to qualify for SBO2.

That was Jima.

Wait, he said the guy’s name was written in kanji. Either he’s wrong, you’re wrong, or there are two Dudley players named Jima…

The reason I say this is that in the Coop 3 pamphlet’s team list, there is a Dudley player whose name is “Jima” written in katakana. Now, I don’t know about the particular tournament that Doom is referring to, but I have seen a red SA1 Dudley whose name is written in kanji. He was Pino’s partner in the Kyushu Taikai team tourney, and he was also on Pino’s team in Coop 3. If this is the same guy that Doom is referring to, then there must be two Jimas.

Doom: Where can I find more details about this Ryu vs. Dudley tournament?

And as for Arakure, they have him in the Coop 3 pamphlet somewhere and he was still playing Dudley. Dunno if he’s switched since then or if you’re referring to someone different…

Thanks everyone,

On the results page of the Ryu vs Dudley challenge Jima’s name was written in katakana, so I’m quite sure it was Jima. I know his style a bit too, I got to play him a lot irl since he was studying in London a couple of years ago.

Do you use the Go For Broke hub, Josh? If so, I can try to send you the Ryu vs Dudley vids if you’re interested. It was challenge where every player had to use either Ryu or Dudley and the winner stays on the machine. Dudley ended up winning quite easily because Jima got 15+ wins in a row. The results page may still be up on the UDLab website.

I don’t know whether he’s the same player as the one in Kyushu Taikai or not but they do use the same character with the exact same color, so I wouldn’t be surprised. Or it could be a completely different player. I can’t read kanji either…

OMG, you guys, this is the definition of “suck”…

Did Beat Tribe just take down their ENTIRE COOP CUP 3 PAGE?!? I’m getting nothing but 404 errors there now!

I was just going to use that site to post the top 16 here…now it appears all is lost. =(

Ah well, let’s see how much of this I can do from the old Denjin Video forums, the Coop3 pamphlet that I just so happened to save, and my memory…

  1. 178 (Dudley)/Dirty Music (Oro)/Aruka (Ibuki)/Pledge (Yang)/Soma (Ken)

  2. Nomoto (Akuma)/Ushi!? (Urien)/Mokomokofu (Ken)/Kenji (Chun)/Disk (Yun)

3a. RX (Urien)/Ruu (Ryu)/??? (Chun)/??? (Hugo)/Pistachio (Twelve)
-Lost to 2nd place team

3b. TK (Q)/YSB (Hugo)/Sugiyama (Necro)/Sawaguchi (Yun)/happy (Alex)
-Lost to 1st place team

5a. Sano (Ryu)/Nitto (Yun)/Remio (Remy)/OJI (Yun)/Kuroda (Q)
-Lost to team 3a

5b. Spellmaster J (Ken)/Onanism (Urien)/Erotic Teacher (Dudley)/Sekido (Yang)/Hitotsume (Ken)
-Lost to 2nd place team

5c. Meta (Ken)/Naga (Ken)/Ino (Chun)/Kokujin (Dudley)/??? (Ken)
-Lost to 1st place team

5d. K.O (Yun)/Boss (Yang)/Match (Akuma)/Nuki (Chun)/Pierre (Urien)
-Lost to team 3b

9a. Fujiwara (Dudley)/Georgia (Ryu)/OK (Ryu)/Goemon (Ken)/Chiba (Dudley)
-Lost to team 5d

9b. Gohan (Oro)/Totomu (Akuma)/Gure (Alex)/Irudaana(?) (Makoto)/Yokoyama (Remy)
-Lost to team ??

9c. KSK (Alex)/Ayu (Chun)/Ochibi (Yun)/Danna (Dudley)/Masaki (Chun)
-Lost to team ??

9d. RED (Ibuki)/BHC (Urien)/Dot (Akuma)/S (Yun)/Tsumun (Remy)
-Lost to team ??

9e. Uni (Necro)/Dado (Dudley)/Choko (Dudley)/yamaimo (Dudley)/Watanabe(?) (Ken)
-Lost to team ??

9f. AFM (Chun)/Aniki (Necro)/Bouya (Dudley)/Arao(?) (Ken)/??? (Urien)
-Lost to team ??

9g. Xiao (Ibuki)/J (Makoto)/Chofu (Ken)/Nikukyuu (Yang)/Namijin (Ryu)
-Lost to team ??

9h. Chikyuu (Twelve)/Piero (Remy)/Tama (Oro)/BAB (Urien)/Master (Chun)
-Lost to team ??

MAN, does that suck…


My team only had 4 players (5th guy didn’t show up). I was the only American there. The other 3 guys were Japanese, all named MK-3, MK-5 (Bascially MK and some number). Our team name was MK Family. My teammates thought it was really neat that my name just happened to be MarK.

Anyways, I was the team representative to play in the playoffs. I lost to the Makoto player who went on to lose to Nitto. This tournament was crazy fun. Beat Tribe is about the size of my living room, and there was at least 200 people down there.

interesting stuff Josh!

here’s a question for whoever:

how do they determine the teams? do they just get together and ask each other if they wanna be teammates? or is it a random draw? 'cuz i notice that some players are on different teams depending on what tourney. but it seems like others stick together. like KO and Boss.

regarding your COOP3 results, it’s nice to see 178 place high. the tourneys i’ve seen him participate in, he usually gets booted early ('cuz he faces a Chun :lame:)

if u can u should post up a win/loss chart for each player.

i wanna see who the remy players lost to and won against.