Results of the T5 tourney at ctf?

Whats the results of the T5 tourney at ctf?

jwong won. josh wong that is.

results are on

and yes, guile assist is top tier in MVC2. I would say he covers more space than Captain Commando, and is a much better point character. if you think guile is trash, play josh/mikeB’s charlie/guile. you will get destroyed.

Yes: Guile/charlie are good characters.
No: They are are not better then captain commando.
Commando does more damage, immediately hits the top of the screen, and is death in just about every combo.
On point… its pretty close… guile charlie can actually rush down fairly well.
i’d say 2nd tier.

Guile/Charlie assist stop Dr. Doom, and are also much better at stopping a flying Sentinel, which is in just about every team.

I guess it’s whichever you think is more important.

guile assist is just annoying. I wouldnt put it better than commando. Sent/Commando is better than sent/guile.

point me to some current vids of guile on point, marvel has come full circle it seems, lets add iceman at evo!