RESULTS: Pownz e-Sports Championship Round 5 - 04/10/2010 - Crooked Cue Mississauga

RESULTS: Pownz e-Sports Championship Round 5 - 04/10/2010 - Crooked Cue Mississauga

1 RPGv2
2 UltraCalvin
3 Rebello
4 Buddahforce
5 Eric Hai
5 Nagata Lock II
7 Chi-Rithy
7 Mr Trite
9 DaFlipMastaXV
9 Trini
9 Heero
9 ItalDaniel
13 JTN
13 Chaos2d
13 SpiralGuy
13 Traininho
17 LedHendrix
17 Shame Walker
17 Smoon
17 Rameo
17 Tactix
17 Marv
17 Magic
17 Croyd
25 EX_Matt
25 Nguboy
25 Dkim
25 JesseJabz
25 L-Leet
25 JED07
25 HVE
25 Peter
33 Sean
33 Kamikazi
33 PsychoChronic
33 Jon
33 Alex
33 Spooner
33 Mikey7
33 DarkDragon
33 Watchtower
33 Saco Jericho
33 Rodrico
33 Ho
33 Jaywang
33 Tat
33 New Persona
33 S-Blade
49 Aerials
49 HSB
49 Basics
49 Casanova1012
49 Gee

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GGs everyone that showed up… Pownz Hamilton to Crooked Cue boiler room what a down grade I’m embarrassed for MTL

P.S. the manager or who ever he was at crooked needs to get the cue stick out of his ass cause he was a total douchebag

Thanks to Pownz for running this and actually getting this tournament finished despite the Crooked Cue BS that went on.

Random Shoutouts:

Pownz Crew: Chris - I’m glad you made it through this whole thing and fuck those people who ate your nachos without asking, Vince and Fareed good seeing you guys again

Hamilton Crew - Vanny, Justin good times as always, Combined age of Hamilton crew (91)

Vaughn Crew: Nguboy - work on that execution, but it got you free food, led - thanks for the tips on the cammy gimmick

Sauga Crew: anant - thanks for changing the name of the club, gerjay - gdlk commentary and the answer is YES

Frame data crew: Jaywang - your frame data theories confuse me

GGs to everybody I played and to all I hung out with.

Congratz Rey!

I guess that means that Teddy owes you Balot? Filipino Power!

Good Job UltraCalvin, Last time i saw you was at Sogo and you levelled up alot! Keep at it!

GGs to everyone, and yeah Buddah… that boiler room finals was embarassing for MTL.

Jay Wang and Dennis Kim or whoever was taking pictures need to post those Boiler room setups. That’s one for the books.

Thanks guys… Fun tourney!!!

Meat Locker / Boiler Room Pics:

[10:00] <JayWang>
[10:00] <JayWang>
[10:00] <JayWang>
[10:00] <JayWang>
[10:00] <JayWang>

ugh … rehosted if those don’t work:

(bonus pic of anant handing peter adrian’s parts, lol)

GGs to everyone. Good shit to Drekken for holding his composure, dude was getting into a heated conversation with the Crooked Cue employees.

congrats rey! Rey Long is gonna take over esc!

Big props to Chris for making the best of a very screwed up situation.

Congratulations to Rey on his win.

Always great to see Montreal come down. Hopefully we’ll see you at Vaughan or Ottawa qualifiers.

Rebelo: I wanted to say this specifically. You leveled up your game so hard between when we played at qualifier 1 and this one I couldn’t believe it. Far more disciplined. Way better zoning. Better footsies. You’re able to switch gears between offense and defense with a character that is typically designed to hold backwards for 99 seconds. I can’t speak any higher of how much more respect I gained for your game after playing you yesterday. All the props in the world, I’ll never doubt your game again.

Big thanks to everyone that helped me with my upgrades after Waterloo. The training paid off.

GGs to everyone.

great games, everyone. i can’t tell you how much it hurts to see my name at the bottom of that list, but rest assured it won’t be something anyone has to get used to. some really fantastic matches went down (most memorably, nagata vs spiral, nagata vs chi-rithy and ehai vs chi-rithy).

and yeah, whoever that prick who worked for the crooked cue was, fuck him - i shared some not-so-nice words with him as we were leaving. i don’t know where the fuck he got off being that disrespectful, but that man was a fucking douche!! earlier in the day, he was cool and i was joking around with him and shit, but then he turned into a total asshole while we were in the basement.

also, props to pwnz for getting this thing going and everything, but i think it’s kinda bullshit that we all got kicked out for 25 minutes while the venue changed, and then we got moved to some basement where (for whatever reason) we weren’t allowed to sit down. i don’t even know who’s fault it was that it happened, but seriously - we all payed a venue fee, and we can stand outside for free. no more events at crooked cue, plz.

Grats to Rey, no one is ready for Rey Long. It’s funny, when my brother and I left the tourney early, around like 7, we were like Rey can take out anybody there. Then he goes off and wins the qualifier. GS.

tourneys at “classy bars” should be a bannable offense

ps. team filipino is winning it all.

thanks bro it took alot of matches with shizza to finally learn how to play the guile chun match up really nice matches bro and also ggs to all

I’m so sad Random Rey didnt say HIGH to me =(

and i think these results are wrong… didnt that guy Max Powers win?

o wells

Great to see everyone even tho I did absolutely nothing

GG’s i look forward to joking with Rey about the rest of ESC

It was Great to hang out with MTL again

Chirithy the beast, Trini, (Remy? or Ramy?), kathleen, and of course who could forget


hopefully ill see you guys again soon.

PS. Nagata your giving rebello too much credit LOL now im gonna have to hear a 30 min lecture on how to play guile more like him LOL

Good shit rebelo, your almost there

Last thing to say GO REYLONG! thats 2 people in the finals from Hamilton


big props to Montreal for coming out again was nice seeing everyone and chillin afterward. and again embarrassed about the venue please don’t think my home town is like that. That’s like the butt end of Mississauga near the lake where all the shit goes.

and btw where is my epic match with ray and rebelo in top 8?

just posting in this thread too:

everyone please check your sticks to see if there is clear tape on the bottom because thats most likely my stick. also i have a stick that is not mine but was just left upstairs on a table.

pm me if anything, thx

Good games to all the ontario folks that were at JS’ place saturday night

Was nice to see how chill you guys are irl

for sure, ggs hve and the rest of mtl. js’s place was too much fun

edit: forgot this was the results thread, GOOD SHIT REY LONG!!!

Random Rey is the truth

Fuck 2nd at POWNZ. Its all about 17th at Crooked Cues!

Can someone please update the results to reflect that Rey won the pot, the entry spot, the bonus money, a sack of onions, and a pack of Labatt coasters.


Drekken, playing in a kitchen basement fucking sucks. But no one else could have continued the tournament and you definately resolved the “out by 6pm” issue in a timely manner. For that, you are awesome. Thanks for taking music requests btw. =)

Dayum thankfully i got knocked out by spiralguy right b4 you guys went downstairs.
And please believe buddha LOL crooked cue is shit man, sauga is nothing like that even though im only 15!
Kind of a late post but whatever LOLOL.
GG’s n hope to see every1 soon and to lose :smiley: