Results San Jose Golfland Tournament (12-23-03)


Results San Jose Golfland Tournament (12-23-03) CVS2

  • Capcom vs. SNK 2
  • San Jose Golfland Tournament
  • Round Robin
  • 8 Competitors
  • Start Time: Apprx. 6:00pm.
  • Finish Time: Apprx. 8:30pm.

Final Standings (Pre Semi/Finals)

  1. Bhushan (5-1)
  2. Robert (4-2)
  3. Brian (4-2)
  4. Gary (4-2)
  5. Erik (3-3)
  6. Tyler (0-5)
  7. Robert (0-5)
  8. Image (Forfeit 0-2)

Semi Finals (1 match)

Bhushan vs. Gary (Winner: Bhushan)
Robert vs. Brian (Winner: Robert)

Finals (Best of 3)

Bhushan vs. Robert (Winner Bhushan 2-1)


WTF??? SJGL had a tourney!!! LOL!!!

Try getting stools first then tourneys … u know work your way up!


They actually had one stool available this time:lol:



YOu guys should actually post on here that your having atourney not throw some random one that no one knows nothing about… You know


hey guys, where is this golfland at? Can it be seen off the 101? I was in San Jose last week (Sunday/Monday), and didn’t know where to go play marvel. Actually, i knew where SVGL was, but did’n’t have the time to go there.

Maybe next time i am up there, i will try to meet up and get some games in.


naw man this is the golfland right by oakridge mall its so weak!!
its the kind of weak that you’d have to experiance for yourself
because you wouldnt believe it till you saw it.

NO ONE plays marvel there :bluu:


SJGL…Tournament…Not supposed to be in the same sentence. Olive Garden…and all the new shit they got at Oakridge, that’s why you go out there. Not for a SJGL “event.”

Props to my boy Bhushan for taking it all…

Who was everyone else? Two Roberts? Was one of them our buddy the token thief?

Sorry, still shocked that they had a tournament out there…

Still shocked…


Bhushan…good shit…I think…