Results/Shoutouts: Impact Clash IV Atlanta, GA April 25th

It wasn’t my tournament, but I grabbed a copy of the SF4 tourney results(which I ended up volunteering myself to run).

Including location if i happen to know (this wasn’t asked for when people signed up unfortunately)

2: Jay (Augusta)
3: Kiyo (Augusta)
4: JTO (ATL)
5: Don Kim (Augusta)
7: Rashid (Savannah)
7: June (ATL)
9: Omnislash(ATL)
9: MPR (ATL)
9: RogZombie[DJ Homme] (Augusta)
13: Big Man
13: Madara Itachi (ATL
13: Jason L
13: Druseph (Augusta)
17: Chris Lee
17: LTrav2k
17: Sinestro
17: Billy Two Moons
17: Alphonzo (Florida)
17: Marty Osbourne[Nanaya Shiki?]
17: Kidd (Augusta)
17: Ben Lester
25: Chris Green
25: Victor Y
25: IceDragon
25: Vincent Y
25: Whizzle Croff
25: Re0x
25: Casey Rick (Augusta)
25: Eddie[Bananas] (Atl)
33: Chris Barnes
33: BK
33: Joshua Williams
33: Xybur
33: Rahsaan Walker
33: As.I.Lay.Dying69
33: Strongy
33: CoosCoos (Augusta)
33: Jhon (Augusta)
33: William Roth
33: Jacob Tyndall
33: IceCoffee
33: Eric McKenna (Savannah)
33: A/C Current
33: Isaac Green
33: Cornel
49: Avatar 2
49: Spud
49: MetalMike (ATL)
49: STD
49: Xif
49: Antoine
49: Antonio Watson (Savannah)
49: Dark Knight
49: Juice (ATL)
49: Kevin Stephens
49: Donald Amaechi
49: Remy
49: Kevin Turner
49: Truck Davis
49: Brandon (Florida)
49: Caleb
65: Exco
65: Cordell Estra
65: AwesomeSauce (Augusta LOL)

Awesome! Augusta represented well this Saturday!! Ha, we need to get J an SRK account!:lol:

too bad I couldn’t come around for this. I did watch the stream. The Augusta crew is really solid in SF4. Definitely look like pros. It’s a damn shame ATL did a lot of fucking Balrog whoring. Every other match was a Balrog match. Oh well, play to win I guess. time to level up and play some different characters.

Hopefully ATL can keep Augusta out of top 8 next time.

Good job Ernesto and Juan for getting top 10.

BUH? Raph’s from Auburn/Montgomery, get your locations right

Um he was in Greenville much longer… LOL its ok we are all Gay for him. Just let him FA you and bear hug irl… BTW you guys need to get Sora off fucking WOW. He needs a job and a way to play some street fighter… ha my name is in the results of a even i was not at. Ben lester chris green

My locations are right. Raph is Augusta/Bum’s House for life.

We’ll just have to settle for Aug/AL then lol.

Anyways, Shoutouts:

AUGUSTA: For putting up some solid play, hopefully we showed everyone that they can’t sleep on us and they have to step their game up!

Ol’ JJ!!!: Damn you for switching to Rufus! Those Messiah Kicks are really the DEVIL! Everyone needs to keep an eye on this kid, he came out of nowhere with a 2nd place victory. Serious Business Pad Warrior.

Don, DJ, Dru, Jhon: Hella Good showing, all that practice at Coos’ House paid off!

ExciteKidd: MORE FIERCE DRAGON IMO, too many baby dragons in your matches.

Rashid: Beastly Rose, caught a lot of people by suprise, we had an amazingly fast paced match, good games for serious!

SCAD guys: You guys have really stepped up your games since FR, Eric did great in his first match, even tho he was sick as hell, thanks for coming out!

ATL-- AKA BALROG ARMY. j/k Atlanta has some maddeningly patient players, its gotta be all that 3D experience hehe

JTO: Nice Sakura, keep repping her, great matches. Good shit taking ricky out after all the trash talk lol

Me-Red-ATL: I just can’t seem to avoid you in any tournament lol. Rog fits you perfectly, you are the most patient player i have ever met.

Eddie: DESTRUCTO DISC! Sorry for making you fight thru the gauntlet of augusta players lol. GET A DAMN STICK to practice on lol

RAPH: You lucky JJ beat me, i would have given you a run for you money lol. Grats on another win! Stop being so modest, make people fear you! Hope you can make it out to Augusta next month. You can crash at my place if you can’t get in contact with Sora (good luck with that)

Ben Lester: Good games in GGAC, we we’re both definitely rusty as hell, but i wouldn’t have come anyway near as close if you were on your A-Game. Have fun in Australia mate!

Magnicious: Again, its a great venue, with tons of potential. Just remember that the tournament should be the first priority before worrying about live feeds, commentary, etc. Get the main event going as quickly as possible!

Magnicious has the results for the other games. I ran SF4 brackets and grabbed a copy of the results before i left so i could get them up asap.

yeah no need for the commentary in the live feed. It was pretty good but not super important. Our chat room was pretty good as it was.

Commentary was there for the lolz. I’m really liking, live feeds are great for the people that can’t make it out, but still wanna root for their homies. Its like IRC updates 2.0

I’m definitely gonna have it running for the Augusta tournament next month…

shameless plug:


Good stuff to all players.

Kiyo, good shit on running SFIV with me. It got pretty straight after you went and played GG and I had 4 TVs set up. It went pretty smooth from there after trying to finish all the rounds for LB. Let me know if you need a hand running brackets at the Augusta tourney if I make it out there :tup:.

Yeah, the “Gauntlet of Augusta” definitely gave me a hard run. Every single player I played was from Augusta, and most of them took me to the final round, :lol:. It was so cruel, haha.

(And, wtf? Destructo disc? That was MetalMike LOL.)

Coos, seriously man, don’t sweat it. You’re solid; Viper just takes a little bit more time, since she’s so much better :tup:. We gotta run some casuals or something at the Augusta tournament :lol:. Let me know if you can see about the file for that Marvel mix. Mine still turn out to be music CDs, lol.

Tiger Onslaught, MM?

im with it. how much and where at? augusta? i hope they run 360’s this time.

Sure. 4/7 $20. Augusta it is.

[quote=“Bananas8462, post:12, topic:63601”]

Sure. 4/7 $20. Augusta it is.[/QUO

its a bet then. time to start back practicing then.

So, uh…two threads?


Good you all got to see me suck. Fun stuff, great learning thing for me (first tournament). But the two hour wait was killer. Still, fun shit, can’t wait for the next one.

How 'bout Xbox version next time?


it was alot of fun. anyone who wants to say wassap to BLACKSTAR hit me up on LIVE @ BLACKSTAR84i or e-mail me @