*RESULTS* SSF4 2v2! Teams Tourneys are back @ Alex Arcade! Santa Ana, CA! July 31st!


Teams Tourneys are back at Alex’s Arcade!! First teams tournament since the release of Super Street Fighter 4 at Alex Arcade!!

We will be running two set ups to make this go by fast and PLEASE BYOC! BRING YOUR OWN ARCADE STICK AND/OR CONTROLLER PAD. Do NOT expect that others will let you use an arcade stick.

**Registration: Walk-In Only
Time: Sign ups @ 1:45 PM, Tournament starts @ 2:15 PM
Location: 626 S Harbor Blvd
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Entry: $12/team = $4/person for pot + $2/person for venue fee which is $6/person.**


  • Double Elimination (Winners/Losers Bracket)

  • No Same Character Teams allowed

  • Pokemon Style (Last Man Standing)

  • No Change of Character allowed

  • Ultra Changes allowed at any time

  • Matches will be best out of 1 set

  • Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals will be best 2/3 sets. Winning team must reverse order after winning.

  • 16 Team Cap (32 Players)

  • Pot will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place. 70/30 Split. (Sorry 3rd place doesn’t get anything this time)

Hosted by Andrew Strife

Hope to see a lot of people make it out! Teams tourneys always max out! Get Hype!!

Remember Alex’s Arcade has a bunch of arcade games to offer while you wait!!!

Oh and If I missed anything or if you have any questions… please feel free to post! :rock:


  1. Team EG - Justin Wong & Marn
  2. Team OCR - AndyOCR & Andrew Strife
  3. Team Cheeseburgers - Warahk & The Butler
  4. Team Name - Richard Nguyen & Jayce The Ace
  5. Team Panda - Thomas D. aka No_Name & Chris L. aka OtoChris (Honorable Mention!)
  6. Team OG UCLA - James Chen & Amir
  7. We Got Kicks - Choysauce & Iyawnn
  8. Stream Monsters - Kuizzy & Nat
  9. Team Clockable Laser - Clockwork & Blockable Laser
  10. Stairo - Steven H. & MinorThreat
  11. The Fed Ups - Wakasashe & Robb
  12. DH - David & Hai
  13. Hadouken - Hadouken & Miguel
  14. Team Unnamed - Chris M. & Ty


There’s been a time change!!! It was originally 1PM… but has been pushed back to 6PM!! Hope to see you guys make it out… we might have GYT come out and record the matches! Top 8 only!


hype! gonna try to make this hopefully. . . .


please change the time to 12pm…


I’ll see about coming to this. Just got to find a team mate now :3


Update: The 2 v 2 will start at 2PM: I have to be somewhere from 1PM-1:30PM… so sign ups will start around 1:45PM if I get there around there so then we’ll start everything up by 2:15PM and try to finish by 5PM. Thank you! Sorry about the inconveniences!!! So its been pushed 1 more hour later than original time.


i want to go… but no teammate:( anyone wanna team up?


Got Carbini and his fei, so I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


I’ll see you guys tomorrow, looking forward to it.


still have no teammate :frowning:


I’ll be looking for a teammate tomorrow as well.


^^ there you go Vest… a willing teammate. Anyways, tournament tomorrow at 2PM!!! last update and reminder!!! We might have some special guests make it out tomorrow so you might not wanna miss this one folks.


Is there anyway you can get a stream up and running for this.Justin told me that his picking Makoto the whole tournament and i would definitely like to see that.


still no teammate… might go to spectate… :frowning:


Carbini dropped last min so looks like I wont be there since no teammate and I don;t want to hook up with someone random who can’t carry their own weight/ carry me D: lol


did anyone record the top 8?:pray:


@ kitori

lol…too funny right there


results are up guys… videos will be posted soon!!


vids are up on youtube. I’m sure some of you saw the Team EG vs Team OCR Grand Finals video… =/