Results: Upstate Fighting! Syracuse, NY - Saturday, June 26th

Thanks to everyone who came by to support and hope it was a good day spent for everyone.


  1. Jugg - Buff
  2. TinkieWinkie - Albany
  3. Glory
  4. Eiji - Albany
  5. Nasty93, Tony P. - Buff
  6. Nunie - Albany, ZeroFXI - Buff
  7. Dan M - Buff, Jeff P - Buff, C.Monster - Albany, Quang - Roc
  8. Grifter - Roc, Cosme01, Theli - Buff, Tony G - Buff
  9. Cha Cha - Buff, Vinh - Roc, LTguy, Cretin, DSRO, Kyo - Buff, Alex T, NickPSI
  10. Keegan, XGrayNinja, Kinetic, Don Frye, Damus, JBlaze, PoPo, Daryl


  1. Team AIDS
    • We ran teams on a sheet of paper after Nick had to leave and I lost it. Was Satly Run Back and Team Sars #2 and #3?


  1. GM - NYC
  2. Lingmassacre
  3. Ben111
  4. OFDP
  5. Polishmafia, Kaluen
  6. Eiji, Cha Cha
  7. Antoine, NickPSI, Damus, Dan S.
  8. Kinetic, Glory, Real Law, PoPo

Brackets can be found at Upstate Fighting!'s Photos - 6-26 No More Class, Beat That Ass | Facebook

If there are any errors in the above please let me know and I’ll edit. Thanks for coming out and make sure to check out the Upstate Major in September. Showdown at the Sheraton with guaranteed POT BONUSES for winners.

Yeah for teams I believe it was.

  1. Team AIDS - Jugg, Zerofxi, Tony P.
  2. Team Salty Run Back - e1j1, Glory, Tinkie Winkie
  3. Team Sars - Don’t know everyone’s handles, but pretty sure it was Kyle from Buffalo using Rufus, Jeff P. with Sagat and a Gief player using a fight pad.

Yea good shit, Albany showed whats up.

team sars was buffalo’s kyle [ rufus ], tony g [ akuma ] and dan [ gief ]

albany repped good shit. thanks for running the tourney jhonda / nick, was smooth.

Tony G = Daikon? If so where was Blanka?

he switched to akuma awhile back

shout outs to syracuse for another greatly ran tournament. to dave for the awesome polish food. to the adon player for showing buffalo that we really need to learn that match and to albany for stepping their game up

goodshit Jugg