"Resurrection" Chinatown Fair results 03/28.09


Sup doods,

Sorry about the late posting but work has got me tied down for a while.

Anyway the results:


  1. Kevin (Necro)
  2. Adam “Combo”(Yun,Chun,Ken)
  3. Jose “U2”(Urien)
  4. Albert (Yun/Makoto)
  5. Kevin “Cf’s Ibuki”(Ibuki)
  6. Bingo “Ryu24” (Ryu)
  7. Greek (ken)
  8. Ahmed (Ken,Yun)
  9. Daemon (Yang)


Nica K.O came down but didn’t make it to top 8 but his matches against daemon were HYPE!
Jose with no practice beat Albert in the semi’s
Adam undefeated couldn’t handle Albert’s comeback in the finals!

Sf4 2v2 teams:

  1. Team A.C - Andy"Cf Akuma" (Aku), Chris (Ryu)
  2. Team Shit-talkers - Chino (Dic), John p. (Ryu)
  3. Team K.O - Nica K.O (Aku), Zohta (Gief)
  4. Team Team - Daemon (Ken), Green Tea (Ryu)
  5. Team Booty-quake - Rob (Sag), Ron (Ryu)
  6. Team Type-Moon - Vizard(Ryu), Anti-shoto (Gief)
  7. Team NO CONSOLE! Tweleve (Claw), Jason.C(Gief)
  8. Team Diew lay lo mo ( Chinese for I f*** your mother)
    Albert(Ruf), Kevin (Abel)


Team A.C lost to team shit talkers in the winners final only to have Chris to OCV Team Shit-talkers in the grand finals.
Nica K.O beasted on everyone until he ran into Cf’s Akuma Andy to place 3rd
Tweleve’s Claw turned a lot of heads proving that claw isn’t low tier.

This was SO HYPE so I hope that more people will come to the next one.
Thanks for all who came out to support the scene! See you next time!



ill make it up at Throwdown :karate:


ooooooo lol but yea, dayyyum got scrubbed out, ill make it up too, yoo nica, wat happened to ur money match against x-rated?


GG’s to the teams we played (I think it was Shit-talkers and NO CONSOLE!). It sucks that we went 2 and out but we had fun. I hope there are more tourneys in the future!

-Team Pain Train (Young kid w/ Akuma, Older guy w/ Boxer)


idk he didnt confront me about it and besides there was no way in hell i would play a MM on those ugly sticks lol

im sure he would agree with me


This tourney was a lot of fun! GG’s all. I will definitely be there for the next one. Also, what was the final count on the total number of teams? There were like 40+ people crowding around SF4 at one time.


Get used to the sticks like we all do and besides X-rated plays on pad if memory serves me right.


yea thats why im sure he wouldnt want to play me on those especially for money


i played horrendously…that will not happen again.:nono:


You play too much blaz blue:lovin:


Good shit guys. I got handled, haha. Once I get a stick, I should do better.


nica how didnt you get top 8?


i guess but the thing about X is that since both of you are at “disadvantage”, he would take the challenge so i guess turn out on sum saturdays for casuals and get used to it, i mean i admire your courage to take on those sticks with only one day of practice but thats not going to suffice lol
i mean just run, we should have a string of money mathces between the two brrackets lol


yea ima start doin my best to make it out there frequently with just one day of practice i did ok but i need to get used to those things

but for my MM i want him to play at his best so it would have to be at like a console event…Throwdown would be good for me since im most likely going

ill see if ill pass by CTF during spring break or somethin to get used to those things…school is getting heavy at the moment for me


If anything, why not just go to Wolverine Master’s crib and just do it there, he’s open to bringing people in. I’m gonna be going over during spring break, it would be even better if you guys could come over, even have your money matches and what not. And it’s your own stick/pad so, problem solved.


**yo, let me know if i can be invited over there.

in other news, should ko fiend invite me over for 3s i’ll give you guys the heads-up in adavnce so we can all play like fiends and get trashed as well.

quick reminder, once he has availability, it’s a one chance/one shot deal. once he
puts up a meeting, should anyone come late, they won’t be invited.

otherwise, i’ll be bringin my sa2 hori plus adapters if anything for 3s/SF4 sparring.

take care all and see you again.



Yeah, Nice Tournament.

This is Chris. That tournament ran good . Just need to wait a little bit long for one match but i understand the situation. It made me learn a lot espcially play with zangief with team ko. Good game!


yea those were some pretty close games…im actually new to this whole SRK thing and the whole street fighter community, not new to the game though so im just trying to make a name for myself and hopefully more peoople get to know me :wgrin:
hopefully more people will hear about zohta in the future
and that tournament was really close too, great games