Resurrection of San Diego: Carmel Mountain Nickel City March 17th


Hey everybody.

San Diego will be throwing a tournament for the first time in a very long time. The tournament will be on MARCH 17(Saturday) so people can mark their calanders. Tournament will start at 3:30 pm and Signups will start at 2 pm. This will give people plenty of time to drive down from L.A, Irvine, Riverside, ETC.

We will be holding it for 3 games; CAPCOM VS SNK 2, STREET FIGHTER 3:3S, AND MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2. The condition of the sticks are now fixed. The set up for each game is in showcase form. Nickel city charges an admission fee of 2$ and games are 15cents. further information is provided below.

We have 1 cvs2 cabinet, 1 3s cabinet, and 2 mvc2 cabinets.

Carmel Mountain Nickel City
11610 Carmel Mountain Rd
San Diego, CA 92128
#(858) 675-9700

March 17, 2007.
Sign ups start at 2 pm, and will start at 3:00 pm.

Capcom VS SNK 2
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Marvel VS Capcom 2

Tournament Rules:

  • Entry fee will be 5$
  • All games will be 2 out of 3. Losers will be 1 game for cvs2, everything else is 2/3
  • Finals will be 3/5
  • Pot will be split 70%/20%/10%.

Spread the word and tell all your friends!


-Tourney starts at 3.

-Depending on the number of people showing up, and the number of machines we have, we will have to do 1 game sets for a little bit(like ncr did). Semis and finals will definately be 2/3.

hey edison, gene wants you to come to this tournament.


Awesome. I’m in.


Awesome. I’m in.

ill be there to take your money hak. Practice up.

i support this but wont be able to make it out becuase i work till closing on fridays

Never been to San Diego. This sounds fun though.


It’s happening on a Saturday dude. What time do you close at?

oh shit didnt look at the rite calender

i get off of work 3, i dont know if i can make it, if i leave rite away get there in 20 mins or however long it takes to get to the aera

:arazz: im hella jealous, nice AV.

Hermes and Densha!

I spoke with one of the two Nickel City managers today and everything should be okay. She said she’ll give me a callback with a confirmation from the other manager soon.


kylratix, youre not saposed to ask for the OK. we dont need their permission…

btw, thanks for the flier its perfect. good shit.

No, not to play. But we do need their permission to put flyers up otherwise they’ll just take them down. Also, them knowing that we’ll be giving them a direct boost to business will light a fire under their asses to fix the stuff that you listed, so that we’ll keep coming back each month. They wouldn’t have said no.

Everyone, please toss these flyers up where you can. If you cut along the lines at the bottom, people can easily rip off the URL and save it so that they have a reminder.

good job.

I will be attending. Be good to see Edma again. Reset youre mine! lol

Official support obtained. Scoop scoop!

They even hung the flyers for us. I’ll give them the maintenance list today.

wow, thats tight.

i’ll probably show up with team sean connery